I wanted to deactivate my bookstagram or I gonna die - Spill The Beans

Hi Everyone, Sofie is here!! haha. Just wanna spill the beans ๐Ÿ‘€ yes... I know. It is not the usual post in Silly Wonk Book Blog. I also didn't plan to post my personal live update here in the first place.

Honestly, I am freaking stressed right now (While I write this post? - yes). Since I am stressed out and Silly Wonk have the 'Silly Wonk Speaks' since the beginning of this blog was created by me. So, why not if I also have my own speech. Speech lah sangat. To the blog readers or bookish friends who knew me since I created bookstagram in 2018, maybe you know-know lah kan. My English is not perfect. Tapi tak apa lah. Tak belajar, tak pandai sampai bila-bila jawabnya. So, here I spill the beans with Manglish lah, Okay. Baru lancar sikit nak curhat. hkjkhjk ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†

So, why did I put the "Spill The Beans" category/labels here? The therapist said, feeling vulnerable is good. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. It is a strength that allows us to be our authentic selves. Kan? Ehh tapi I didn't say I'm strong enuff. Just wanna be brave telling people what is going on in my life, my thoughts, my emotions, and my pet? Maybe? Hhaha...

Yes. I am a kinda vulnerable woman (eww... I feel awkward to call myself a woman - padahal dah 32 this year). Tapi nak sebut as a girl pun dah tak sesuai. Hhahahha.. pity me! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Honest laa kan. Actually, I have spilled the beans everywhere. I follow the mood. I have many blogs, private and public because I am a chaotic creature with a lot of bubbles on my head. Serabut, mess, intrusive thoughts, and distractions are my best friends. The worst thought level depends on the pressure I have to face lah.

Biasalah kan kehidupan ni memang penuh dengan pancaroba. Naik turun macam roda. Kalau dah terpaksa berjalan atas duri, teruskan! Biarkan darah itu menjadi saksi kekuatan yang kau hidupkan dari bawah kulit seluruh tubuh kau. Biarkan air mata yang mengalir itu menjadi saksi betapa peritnya kau untuk bangun tetapi kau tetap bangun!

oh? Wow! did I write that? I actually have many insane thoughts. I posted it on another blog. I know I know... Sofie is the weirdest creature with so many blogs. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

I'm supposed to do my 3 jobs today but you knowhh... I am kinda stress ๐Ÿ˜–. You wanna know what makes me feel this way today? It is because I just got the news that I am maybe, have to extend my mom's appointment to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital again. And again. And again. It's happened since the pandemic. I feel so bad. I don't know lah weyh. So many tests for me since 2016. Dah 2022 dah ni tapi tu lah. It's okay. I believe in Allah. Everything happened for a reason. Allah knows what is the best untuk umatnya. Insya Allah.


Since I should talk about books in this yellow blog. So yellow kan? hHaha... So I also wanna spill the beans regarding books too. Specifically, about bookstagram sebenarnya. If you explore this blog's kat sana dan kat sini, you gonna know this blog is actually very lonely. Hhahaha... I lepak in here like the delicious chocolate biscuit, Chipmore extra choco chips. Hmm... the dark chocolate. Kejap ada. Kejap takde.

Dan ini yang ke berapa kali entah, saya cerita blog ni I created because terinspirasi dengan bookish paling favorite yang I accidentally follow on the Instagram a long time ago, Fatina. She still used "The Infinity Words" when I was following her rapat-rapat. Now, she uses another name, "The Amazing Distance". Then, I also created the Bookstagram on the same date I created this blog. I was so excited!

I asked Fatina, "Fatina, how many pages do you read in a day?" because I was kagum with her reading an English book. So many books. Then, She said, "Oh... I have no idea..." Hehe. Make sense. Why lah I tanya soalan tu. Dah suka baca buku, kita sepatutnya tak akan perasan berapa patah perkataan kita dah baca dalam sehari. Dari siang bertukar ke malam pun we are not gonna perasan! Because we do enjoy the reading so much!


Eh... may I write the book reviews like this? More comfortable pula style macam ni ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜… Kau ni Sofie ๐Ÿ’ฉ


Then, after I am active (masa tu) on my Bookstagram, I am acquainted with other bookstagrammer. I was like "Alamak!" they are very young generations. Very young and talented book reviewers. Sumpah! Out of a sudden, I felt ashamed because dah la talented, speaking English bukan main fluent lagi. Cantik-cantik dan kacak-kacak pula tuh. Ehh? ๐Ÿ˜… The photography, the book's flat lays, the lighting, everything about them amazed me. I was stunned, almost unable to think rationally. Tiberr I allowed myself to have the suicidal thoughts. Just because of the bookish and bookstagram? Really?? gah!

In my mind masa tu apa? I wanted to deactivate my bookstagram or I gonna die. Hhahahahahhaaha... Then, my husband said, "Calm lah. It's just a bookstagram".

Astagah (Astaghfirullah in Kedayan style in Labuan) macam mana la bah boleh jadi begini, I said to myself. But then, I am being friends with Aiza Idris. A Sarawakian bookish. And Irina. Also, someone in Dubai (Malaysian living in Dubai - Aduh! Lupa pula nama dia) make me feel comfortable again in the bookstagram community.

So, I stayed. After 1 year I became a bookstagrammer and book blogger, Finally, I got a collaboration invitation from the distributor. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Psst! let me be very deep-deeper-deepest honest with you. I know your perception of me might change after you know this. It's a bad attitude I think. I wanna free books. BECAUSE I'm broke. Hhahaha...

I masuk kedai buku bought books juga but I can't buy everything. Kan? Kena lah jimat. Makan tak pakai buku. Hah! So, the point is I was greedy. I am a slow reader like siput bab1 but I accepted the invitation. Actually, I aimed for that distributor for a long time. It is my dream come true sebenarnya. So, if I reject the invitation. I am stupid namanya.

I  hardly finish all the books because I am a very slow reader and easily distracted. Focus is a huge problem in my entire life. Gahahaha. I'm seriously stressed with this kinda problem of mine.

I stayed. I stayed. I stayed.

But tak lama sangat. I escaped to the cave of the dark and toxic mind again. Ketulahan la bah kali. Because of the greediness. ๐Ÿ˜

My anxiety level was very high every time I scrolled the bookstagram feed. ๐Ÿ’ฅ Disaster betul! But, I tried to focus on the real reason why I created the Bookstagram. So, I update lah sikit-sikit although tak lawa ke apa. So, memang on/off lah my existence in bookstagram community. Just chit-chat a little bit with Irina, and Siz reads, Tanvi from Singapore (Tanvi is a really nice and sweet Bookstagrammer), and other bookish sometimes.

YES. Today I told you the truth. I'm suffering from 'Bookstagram Anxiety' because I am judging my ability on other Bookstagrammer scales. As I said, there are so talented, brilliant, and intelligent, and they "look so rich" with the aesthetic content.

At some point, I lost. I lost in the bad feelings,

"I'm not good enough"

"My flat lay photos are ugly"

"My review sucks"

"My books are boring"

I also lost my real objective. Why do I read? For money? For followers? For the free books? To impress people? Riak like that? Show off that I have sho manyy booookskss? Ujub for the books I have read and have so much knowledge?

Screw that. Think again.

I lost and I miss the girl I used to be. I miss the way I read. I don't care what people say about the book genre I read. I don't fucking care if my book's photographs are ugly but the important is the message, the content of the book, and the plot that makes my mind-blowing. Also, all the tips for life in a self-help book that very helping people to live. That's all.

I don't feel the enjoyment anymore in reading. Too much competition in my thoughts. I want to be like her. I want to be like him. I want that books too! I want to collect that series too. Dang!


This is how Bookstagram affects my mental health. So painful being this way. Coincidentally that time as well, in 2019, we are struggling with the new norm because of the Covid-19. People like me, the creature made of the combination of introverted, melancholia, and anxious are very experts in isolation. I am very good with that. But... I'm not an expert to controlled my overthinking, intrusive mind, and energy suckers. I was surrounded by an energy sucker while the outbreak of Covid-19. ๐Ÿ˜

Books? Reading while MCO? Nah. I'm shrouded in a reading slump and 24 hours tired of being surrounded by people as the result of the MCO. Isolation is my expertise but it's not only me who isolated. A quiet atmosphere turned into a state of chaos throughout the neighborhood due to MCO. Everyone is here.

I had to abandon this blog, bookstagram, and books at that time. I was Headache, overwhelmed, and irritated. Lemas... I felt like I was buried in the swamp. When all the bookworms are busy with the happiness of the MCO as a result of being able to read quietly at home, I am in turn busy with controlling myself from not getting angry at all the noisy people and not understanding the boundaries.

I felt bad having these feelings and emotions. I didn't want to be a bad person. But, what do I need to do? Cry? It doesn't help! ๐Ÿ‘ฝ Okay. I wanna stop talking about these feelings that I felt before. I feel better now. Insya Allah.

I Want To Die but I Want To Eat Tteokbokki

Eh? Apa punya kebetulan lah. Nak mati juga? Hhaha. What is Tteokbokki? So, This book is being phenomenal because recommended by BTS uh? wow wow. I'm not a BTS fan. I am just neutral with them. But the titles attracted me. I can feel her.

I never read a book written by a  Korean author before. I wonder about the style of writing and the way their think. Lagipun the tajuk little bit funny but a little bit suicidal juga kan. I wanna know more badly.

I want you. Wait for me, baby! ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ’–

I think, enough of spilling the beans for today. I realize my beans (time) are not enough. Hhehehe... See you then.

Non-Fiction Fans Vs Fiction Fans

Speaking of the benefits of reading, many people always think the kind of book that has benefits is a non-fiction book. They say, the beneficial book is motivation and self-help genre like Brian Tracy's books. The business or financial book was written by Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki is more advantages. Also, the best benefit for relationship skills is a book written by John Gray. For example, Men, Women, and relationships (1990), Mars and venus starting over (1997), and Why Mars and Venus Collides (2007).

Unexpecting Benefits of Reading Psychological Thriller And Mystery Book

They are right. Nothing wrong with the opinions. Non-fiction is always a good book to teach readers the facts about how to live, how to manage, and how to do anything. But there is a huge mistake if we believe that fiction books are useless and have zero benefits.

Are you a bitter person who dares to tell people fiction books have no knowledge for feeding the human brain? Book dragons and fiction fans going to transform themself become a lion and roar with big teeth beneath their mouth when they hear you tell them that opinion. Haha.

But, there is one thing we must understand. Humans have a different opinions. The opinion is for the topics being discussed together and exchange the facts if any. Changing opinion is not for joining the war, The battle between fiction fans and non-fiction fans.

I am a reader too! I read both. Fiction and non-fiction. Both have their own benefits and advantages. My team and I were talking about these topics recently.

Let me share what is the benefits of reading non-fiction books such as psychological thrillers. For example, The Anniversary by Laura Marshall and A Narrow Door by Joanne Harris.

My friend suggested I read chapter one of The Anniversary by Laura Marshall. I was surprised because only in chapter one I'm hooked to the book. It stealing my full attention. I wanted to read more. So, that was called developing a critical mind? or Mental stimulation? Let's read the benefits of reading psychological thriller and mystery books below.

Unexpecting Benefits of Reading Psychological Thriller And Mystery Books

According to The New Yorker, “Reading has been shown to put our brains into a pleasurable trance-like state, similar to meditation, and it brings the same health benefits of deep relaxation and inner calm. Regular readers sleep better, have lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of depression than non-readers.”

Do you agree when I say reading can cause a boring feeling when the reading material is too intense? So, we will be a child who hates vegetables. We will describe the book as vegetables. We will see books as vegetables. Not something fun to eat like a chocolate bar. Haha.

Sometimes we need fiction to have fun reading to get a different benefit. When non-fiction books provide you information and tips you need in real life, fiction can give other unique benefits.

4 Benefits of Reading Psychological Thriller And Mystery Books

Dopamine Releasing

What a surprise benefit. The mystery and thriller genres have a unique allure. Engaging and hard to put down, thriller books require the reader to reckon rather than just allowing the plot to unfold. This makes the reading experience more interactive.

It is like fidget toys to release stress. Psychological thriller and mystery book is a very good genre to be the stress buster. You mentally experience the tension of the story and go through vivid psychological responses and adrenaline from reading. When the brain release dopamine, a chemical that triggers the body’s fight or flight mode. On a lighter note, the brain has a leeway to process these body stimuli minus the reality of harm. This is the reader’s constant practice to manage fear.

Provide Access to a Different Persona

Readers not only experience the character's point of view. But, the character's innermost thoughts. They dive into the character's mind in an entirely different life scenario. Fiction can help a person understand another person where you can gather a new perspective.

Psychological thriller and mystery book includes the disturbing aspects of human nature, such as violence and emotional abuse. Ranging from fears of the innocent to the viciousness of the sinister.

Activates Brain Areas and as a Mental Stimulation

You might be sitting and seems like do nothing. Do nothing physically but while you reading, you are actually working out of your body. Reading suspense fiction text serves as an effective mental workout for several parts of your brain. Fiction suspense stories can elicit powerful emotional responses. Suspense can build the basic aspects of human cognition, anticipation, and prediction.

Just like exercising can make us healthier and slimmer and beautiful in shape. The same goes for reading suspense books. It can make the brain healthier and in good condition. Puzzles and riddles in thrillers serve as mental training as you utilize your analytical aptitudes.

Developing a Critical Thinking Skill (Mind)

It is natural for human beings when we get into a story or plot that is full of questions that will make us feel dissatisfied. The plot without your questions being answered or being unable to find the truth, you will eventually start challenging yourself to figure it out.

When the plot is twisted and suspenseful, the unexpected or mind-boggling story will always result in the development of a critical mind. It's developing smart and innovative ideas among the readers.

Also, reading a thriller helps to identify behavioral patterns, determine people's motives, and brainstorm outcomes using the cause and effect theory.

In conclusion, both fiction and non-fiction have many benefits. The story about killing might be disturbing but...it's helping to develop the critical mind. I love the point of determining people's motives, don't you think it helps you to smell the manipulator people around you?

 Amnesty by Aravind Adiga

In Sydney, Sri Lankan immigrant Dhananjaya Rajaratnam, known to all as Danny. Danny has overstayed his student visa, rendering him illegal. In my mind, he was insane and took that risk.

When I read the beginning of the story, this book brings me to Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is unfamiliar to me. But this book added to my brain some new pieces of information about the country. Amnesty is the second book I read related to India. They (Hollywood people) called them "Brown People". I choose to read this book because the author is Aravind Adiga. He is the author of the famous book, The White Tiger. Although I haven't read The White Tiger, I still don't want to miss the opportunity to read this book. Special thanks to the Pansing Distributor who sent me this book in exchange for an honest review.

Released : 18 February 2020
Genre : Psychological Fiction
Publisher : Picador
Size : 12.8 x 19.6 cm
Format : Paperback
Language : English

Will you find out who the author of the book you're reading is? Honest, I'll never worry about who owns the writing before. For me, if you love to read, you should read anything. Because what you need is the message. Not because of who wrote it.

But after I read Quichotte by Salman Rushdie, I suddenly thought about it.  We should know the writer for a better understanding of the message in the story. Sometimes, the story is a reflection of them. Okay, let's started with the author of Amnesty.


Aravind Adiga is an Indian. He was born in 1974 in Madras. Now Madras is called Chennai. He grew up in Mangalore in the south of India. Now he is a  citizen of Australia. Wow!

He was educated at Columbia University in New York and Magdalen College, Oxford. His articles have appeared in publications such as the New Yorker, the Sunday Times, the Financial Times, and The Times of India. His first novel, The White Tiger, won the Man Booker Prize for fiction in 2008. Subsequent novels are Last Man in Tower (2011), Selection Day (2016), and Amnesty (2020).

In August 2017, his novel Selection Day (2016) announced that Netflix will be adapting the novel into an original series that was produced in partnership with Anil Kapoor and Anand Tucker. Anil Kapoor is one of my favorite Bollywood actors. Hhaha... He has appeared in several films. Also in my favorite film, Slumdog Millionaire as Prem Kumar in the game show.

Starring in the Selection Day Series are Mohammad Samad, Yash Dholye, Karanvir Malhotra, Rajesh Tailang, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ratna Pathak Shah, Shiv Panditt, Parul Gulati, and Akshay Oberoi, the series premiered on 28 December 2018.

More about the author: Wikipedia of Aravind Adiga.


  1. The White Tiger
  2. Last Man In Tower
  3. Selection Day
  4. Between The Assassination
  5. Milk, Girl Woman Other, The...

This book has 255 pages. From front to back, the book tells of the activities of a foreign immigrant man in one day. There are so many things that the writer wants to convey or wants to tell to the reader through this structure or style of writing. It was as if we were writing our own diary in 24 hours and we also write the flashback stories that played in our minds while writing. That is the picture of the writing structure in this book.

So, the immigrant man's name is Danny. Danny works as a cleaner. He will clean his client's house every day depending on demands. One of his client's name Radha Thomas has been murdered on that day and Danny believes he knew who kill her. The intense situation made him have a bad feeling and ultimately adds to the unbearable nature of the moral dilemma.

As an illegal immigrant in Australia, if he reports to the police the proof of the cruel crime, he is at risk of deportation.

Other than the moral dilemma story, this book also tells the readers how the immigrants' point of view on life. How do they through life as illegal, as a different background, as a different culture, language, etc.

Through this book, the readers will understand how the immigrants live and feel living in the shadows. There is the desire to be seen. I'm not sure what kind of word I could describe this. Is it the psychology of someone desperate to be somebody? Like Danny wants to be an Australian? (My brain is stuck right here...I can't explain. huhu).

The author shows the readers that the illegals always cooperate like a family even though they are from different countries. For example, on page 65,

"There was no one sitting in front of the Glebe library today. Though Danny knew their names - Lin, the Chinese-Malaysian, and the two Pakistanis, Ibrahim and Razak - he had no way of finding them. That was the agreement. That way, if one got caught, the others were safe."

Also, in the book, we are exposed to marriage life. The moral value of marriage is like Mark and Radha's situation, behavior, attitude, boundaries, and more. Radha's described as dishonest, materialistic, and does not respect the husband. So, in the book, we learned so much about what kind of attitude we should have as a wife. Specifically, as a human.

Here we also think a lot like Danny. Are we going to be selfish people? Or do we agree to increase our self-integrity and be brave to be courageous because it is true? Are we willing to sacrifice our own interests?

A lot. Very much we learn about self-personality and humanity through this story.

The writing style is diary format. There is time to show for the present story. Then there is the title for the flashback story. It's not in chronological order. It's jumping to another story. Sometimes, Danny's thoughts bring readers to his life back in India. Sometimes, Danny's mind brings the readers to his opinion, his feelings, and his emotions. Also, bring readers to another character.

It's quite confusing to me. It's very hard to finish this book at first. It's like watching a very slow movie in the cinema. The story, the moral value, and the message are very good but I think the problem is on me. It felt hard to dive into the character. Especially, Danny. It's like there is no connection between me and Danny. Haha.

I have a friend in Australia that working over there without a permit. Then, I'm trying to connect his story and Danny's situation for a better understanding. But, it's hard. I lost interest in reading this book for a few months. Almost 7 months! I abandoned this book with a bookmark clamped between pages 38 and 39.

Then, when I read another book I felt guilty about Amnesty by Aravind Adiga. I looked at the orange cover and I felt like the book watching me angry as a white tiger! Hahahahaha. The guilty feeling brings me back to The White Tiger author, Aravind Adiga.

In the process of trying to get the mood of the book, finally, I was excited to read this book after I reached page 73 and I got a highly curious feeling about the homicide case that makes Danny's dilemma.

The dilemma,

"But if I tell the Law about him, I also tell the Law about myself" - Page 88

I felt a lot of sympathy at first for Radha who was the victim of murder but the feeling immediately change to, "Well, Radha... You deserved it". Huhu. I don't like Radha's attitude. Prakash and Radha are toxic people.

I was bored a little bit when it's takes so long for Danny arrives at the Clinic when Prakash asked him to come. Need to read almost 40-50 pages to know what happens next after Danny met Prakash.

There also are jokes in the book that didn't make me laugh. Maybe I don't get the joke. It's might be a touch of sarcasm. Except for the comment about the toilet in Australia. I genuinely laugh at Danny.

"...in Australia, the signs say, MALE TOILET, FEMALE TOILET. Danny was still appalled by this. Toilets are neither male nor female. A toilet doesn't have a cock, does it?" - Page 116.

This is funny and makes sense... hahahhaa. 

In conclusion, I have no consistent mood while reading this book. Sometimes I felt bored, sometimes I enjoyed it, sometimes I got goosebumps, especially at the moment the police called Danny about the murder. I think the reader who loves The White Tiger will have the same feeling about this book. This book is very diaspora literature. Not really for me but I'm glad I learned much from this book about immigrants and I am traveling to Australia from the character's point of view.

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Saying Goodbye to Tuesday by Chrisse Manby

When I saw a dog in front of the book, I immediately knew the story is about a dog. I almost rejected the book. It's not because of the dog but I'm kind of an emotional maniac when reading an animal story especially since the animal can talk and can tell their emotion thru their facial expression. But truly I love animals, especially cats, dogs, and birds.

My husband said, "Why don't you give it a try". I'm thinking twice because I still remember how I cried watching the movie The Rise of The Planet of the Apes. My emotion is like a tsunami when I saw Ceaser draw the window in the cage because he really misses home. Real home. I still can feel the sadness while writing this.

Released : 09 September 2021
Genre : Fiction/Romance Novel/Contemporary Romance
Publisher : Hodder
Size : 12.8 x 19.6 cm
Format : Paperback
Languange : English

After long thinking, I tried to read the synopsis behind the book. So, the dog in front of the cover has a name. His name is Stupendo. "Nice name", I said in my mind. Then, I was startled and stopped reading after I read the second paragraph. It says, "Stupendo doesn't know why Tuesday is suddenly ignoring him..."

Well, honestly I don't like the story about human ignoring their pet. Intentionally or not, I still don't like it. It's a heartbroken story. NO!

Then, I continued reading the synopsis. In the third paragraph of the synopsis, I started to understand. Stupendo is a ghost! So, the dog is a ghost. I decided to try this book. I want to read it and I'm glad I chose and read this book. Stupendo actually reminds me of 'my dog'.

As I mentioned above, It's about a dog. But it's an extraordinary dog. The special one. Stupendo became a ghost. The book is a very beautiful love story about the dog-human relationship. I thought Tuesday is a day. You know? The Tuesday "Tuesday". Tuesday is the day of the week between Monday and Wednesday based on Wikipedia. Haha.

Apparently, Tuesday is Stupendo's owner. It's the name of the woman. Also, the story involves the others character from the neighborhood, such as Andrew. Andrew is a blind man in this book. Stupendo also has a friend (or a lover?) named, Zena, and Andrew is Zena's owner. Dogs are unique creatures. They can be best friends like Stupendo, Tuesday, and William. Tuesday has a son, his name is William.

In the story from chapter one until chapter five, the feeling of empathy for Stupendo is still at a high level. 

"Now here I was, stuck outside in the dark on my own, with Tuesday and William not even knowing I was still close by. I began to cry." - Chapter 5, page 29.

The storytelling is the first point of view type with flashback story alternately with the present story. The present story is about Stupendo searching for a clue for the reason he became a ghost. While the flashback is about Stupendo's beautiful memory with Tuesday.

This book has forty-six chapters with an epilogue and 342 pages. Chrissie Manby wrote the plot amazingly! She is brilliant! Chrissie Manby is the author of seventeen romantic comedies. No wonder she knows how to make the readers laugh reading about Stupendo's feelings about Zena.

If you want to relax and chill in front of the beach, this book is a good companion for you! Reading Stupendo and Caligula's behavior absolutely brings joy because they are funny! However, the book is not too thick to bring on holiday or outdoor. It's a very light book and relaxing to read while having a rest day or during the break time.

As a Muslim, I don't have a chance to have a dog as a pet without a valid reason. So, this book provides a lot of interesting knowledge and input on dog facts. It's very helping me and the readers to understand dogs.

This book also has a lot of moral messages about how to treat, train, and understand the dog. Also, to understand people who have an issue with the dog too. Indirectly, we also learned about cats too from the Caligula characters. As a cats owners, almost all of the stories about Caligula's behavior in the book make sense.

If you are a cat owner, did you ever have a problem that your cat always went to the next-door house? Or is your cat staying a lot at your neighbor's house? Then, you will be entertained reading Caligula's style in this book because the story is almost 95% the same as your cat's style.

Lots of the situation in the book brings lessons that make you think how lucky you are in almost every aspect of your life including to have your pet.

Actually, I have a lot of things to share about the greatness of this book but I need to fast right now. I have a lot of books review to share and I'm excited (because I finally 'alive'. Lols) Maybe I'll share again about Stupendo and Tuesday in another blogpost. Now, let's continue with the book rating and my thoughts and opinion.

Guys! I was tabbing the book with a color code. Pink tabs are for touching or sweet emotions. While sad is a blue. Guess what? The tabbing is 85 % with blue and pink. Yes! I cried a lot. I'm emotional. Huwarrgghh! I can't I can't. Reading about animal makes my heartbeat crazy.

As I have mentioned above, Stupendo actually reminds me of 'my dog'. Not officially my pet but the dog is a...hm...a neighbor's dog? Okay. I am actually not sure about the status of the dog. The dogs live in my neighbor's house area. Then, the dog has puppies. And the puppies living in their backyard. One of the puppies is different. It's white. It's also cute. I watched the puppies playing around from my kitchen window almost every day until they have grown up.

I love them. They are cute. Sometimes, I saw another neighbor give them food. I gave a name for the white one. His name was Snoopy. Snoopy will approach me every night when I back from the town. I can't tell more, recalling Snoopy makes me sad. Snoopy is actually not here anymore.

Not every neighbor like cats, the same goes for dogs. When I read about Stupendo, sometimes I imagine Snoopy also became a ghost. Haha. That's a crazy thought but it was my thought while reading this book.

Do you believe that a very young human; kids, babies, or children can see the ghost? When I gotta know Tuesday is actually a mom to the cutest son, William, I imagine William can see Stupendo. Humans naturally can't see a ghost but I wanted it to happen. I want William can see Stupendo.

Well, I was disappointed when I reached the page 13, Merle the Pipsqueak explained to Stupendo,

"Human beings aren't tuned into the different layers of the universe like we creatures are, Stupendo. They can't see sound or taste color. They can't hear the vibration of the earth or smell the feeling of the wind. They spend their lives turning from nature. Most of them don't even know there's more than one dimension." - Chapter Two, page 13.

The explanation makes Stupendo as disappointed as me for sure. 

I also keep thinking about humans who love to bully wild dogs. I also keep asking why they can't have empathy for an animal but they want the animal to respect them. Tuesday has a boyfriend name, Kenton.

Kenton is a narcissistic, manipulator, selfish, and very bad person. I hate him because he hates Stupendo. If you are a dog lover, please make sure don't fall in love with a man like Kenton. Wasted! (Am I too serious?) But, C'mon! people like Kenton is a #^%$^&* hahahahahaha!

I am honestly proud and amazed Chrissie Manby can write this book in every detail from the dog's point of view but still can feel the emotions of the characters. Chrissie also shows the proof that a dog is a very good creature if you train them well. Dogs is a good animals. Dogs can be protectors and guides to blind people like Andrew. It's a fact. In Islam, blind people actually can keep trained dogs to be their guides.

And... If I can change the story, I don't want Stupendo to become a ghost. I want him alive. Sobs. Sobs.

In conclusion? Please get and read this book! I want to hear your thoughts too. Arrggghhh... I'm sure I'll read this book again.

Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker

"At once a groundbreaking look at drinking culture and a road map to cut out alcohol. You will never look at drinking the same way again." - Holly Whitaker.

Those are the quotes I was read behind the book "Quit Like A Woman" written by Holly Whitaker. Yes, it is about alcohol, drinking, and addiction.

Released : 09 January 2020

Genre : Autobiography

Publisher : Bloomsbury

Size : 5.8 x 8.3 inches

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Well, I'm not a drinker or alcoholic. As Muslims, we are prohibited from using anything alcohol-related except alcohol sanitizer since covid-19 attacked us worldwide. Maybe I shall say, "can use alcohol products only in an emergency situation?"

Hm. I don't want to discuss that right now. Maybe later. There is the reason I wanted to read this book so much. Since I was born in a drinkers community in my hometown, I was curious why they love the drink so much even though it's may detrimental for themself and others.

I also read this book because the title attracted me. Is woman better than man? Does man have trouble stopping drinking because they are men? Why and what is makes them difficult to quit drinking?

" Quit Like A Woman " is written by Holly Whitaker. She is the founder and CEO of Tempest (formerly Hip Sobriety). With years of experience in the fields of healthcare and tech. She also created a human-centered recovery modality and virtual platform offering education, community, and support services in 2014. Holly has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, and TechCrunch and was named in Inc’s 2019 Female Founders 100 List. Holly is a writer and bestselling author of Quit Like A Woman, a memoir/self-help book about her own recovery. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat Mary Katherine.

This book is about obsession and addiction. To be specific, the book tells the reader some people are obsessed with alcohol because it is a culture. Drinking is something cool to do after work. Drinking is something fun to do as an adult. Drinking is a lifestyle for them.

They also thought drinking is a must-do list because we might look like a boring person without it. Same situation to a smoker that thinks they look so cool smoking without thinking it might destroy themself or others.

At the unconscious point, addicted people might not realize their life are blended with alcohol. The alcohol became their blood. Running in their veins and dominate their body, heart, and brain. Alcohol conquers their life path. Their future might be baffled. The work performance and productivity may disturb at any time.  When they feel stressed, depressed, sad, mad, almost every emotion they feel, they will find alcohol. They can not live without it. They thought alcohol helped them to be happy.

When they mess up with problems, they do not want to face them. They chose alcohol to forget all the misfortune that bothered them. They never realize they are destroying their brain, body, health, mind, finances, and everything each time they get drunk. Even a glass of alcohol destroys their body slowly.

They never notice that their alcohol dependence can make destructive bombs. The bombs will explode at any time at any point in their life.

What I write about this book is only a little information. There are so many engaging topics in this book that will be blowing your mind regarding addiction, smoking, alcoholism, and more.

Holly Whitaker also included the prime key in this book for those searching for a way to break the cycle of addiction. It's may look hard.

This book was written based on a true story. It was an authentic experience from the author. The writing point of view is the first person (" i "). So, the readers may understand better why they became addicted thru this story. Why do they always keep the stock of wine or beers at home? Holly Whitaker has the answers.

I can see how difficult to alcoholic people to stop being alcoholics. Especially when they are from the lifestyle-alcohol-normal community. Drinking is a culture. From the parties, events, celebrations, and hangouts, alcohol is something that can not skip.

The author also shows you how alcohol makes the existing problem worst. For example, drinking can destroy performance at work or in personal life. Alcohol is not just a drunk liquid. It is poison based on the book on page 26.

"Until I realized that oh my fucking God, it's actually poison. We're all drinking poison."

The author tells the reader that as long as you keep drinking, every effort of exercise, eating clean, drinking clean water, and having enough sleep is useless.

This book is very instructive to the reader. Can you imagine? Alcoholic people can not distinguish between Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms and alcoholic issues because alcohol addiction can mimic other mental illnesses, especially BPD. - page 70.

I was enjoyed this book so much. Amazingly, the author attached a very beneficial knowledge such as "The short-to Medium-term Effects of Drinking alcohol on page 31.

One of the info very attracted my attention. That is about alcohol is fuels anxiety. It is proof existing issues will be worst.

There are so many things I wanted to share about the greatness of this book but... I think it's better you read it by yourself. It's can help you a lot if you wanted to stop your bad addiction to something.

As a Muslim, I'm living in a non-alcoholic community. But still, there is a group of people who choose to be a drinker and believe that drinking alcohol is healthy. When I was a kid, some elders said alcohol is medicine. But when I asked, what kind of meds? What illnesses of meds? No one gives me an answer.

I really hope the messages from this book will be delivered to every drinker. I also wish they understand how alcohol takes over their beautiful life. I hope they can see that without alcohol is better. Much better almost at every aspect of your life.

A drinker who really wanted to stop drinking will inspire by this book. Stop something we obsess about is hard. Very hard. This book tells all the readers, do not to give up. If you fail, try again. If you fall, rise up again!

It's okay to be unique. It's okay if your friends unfriend you because you are not the old version anymore. It's okay. You should proud of yourself because you did something remarkable for yourself. Believe it or not, you will have great people that value your new version. Trust the process.

Your physical and mental health is your responsibility not to impress others. It's your happiness, not others. Regret is a bad feeling to feel. Do not wait until we regret it.

I really like the part "What Happens in our Bodies When We Drink a Single Glass of Alcohol" in this book. Can you imagine? It's just a glass but it can affect your body! On page 29, it is stated that alcohol is linked to at least 7 types of cancer. It is a nightmare!

Talking about mental health, I actually laughed when I read the below sentences on page 70.

"Why the fuck was being diagnosed with a mental illness so much more hopeful than being diagnosed an alcoholic?"

People sometimes being denial and fight to make them right. In the Malay proverb; 'menegakkan benang yang basah'. They just can't accept the reality.

I also agree with Holly Whitaker when she said,

" What I want to know is why. Why are we so mad at everything and not mad at alcohol is doing to us, or how Big Alcohol lines its pockets from our exploitation and death? Why are we not raging against all the oppressive and absolutely murderous ways alcohol shows up in women's lives, our kids' lives, our sisters' lives, in LGBTQIA community, in communities of people of  color or Indigenous people? Why do we fight so hard to transcend our collective oppression, then willingly give parts of the power back after marching for our rights, with a glass or two or the whole damn bottle?"

Why? Yeah I also questioned this a very long time ago. Why? Maybe you have the answers. Feel free to drop your comment below.

In conclusion, I love all the content of this book. Very much. It really helps people. If you need help with your addiction, I suggest you read this book.

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Quichotte - Salman Rushdie

This time, I want to review a book by another format or style. I want to share my review by divide it into three parts. Part one, two and, three. So, this article is part one. The thickness of Quichotte by Salman Rushdie is challenging for me because of the language (English). Despite that, I'm proud of myself because I have improved my English by reading an English novel. I'm wrong all this time when I thought it was really hard. I don't know until I did it. Hahaha. (But, I knew there are mistaken/error in my writing now...I hope readers still can understand my point. I'll learn more to improve my grammar and English writing).

Who is Salman Rushdie? What is Quichotte About? Quichotte by Salman Rushdie review by Malaysian Book Blogger.
Released : 2019
Genre : Fiction Novel
Publisher : Jonathan Cape
Size : 15.3x12.5
Format : Paperback
Language : English
Okay, back to Quichotte. Now, I'm on page 158. I amazed when I have so many things to comment about the book. I think it will be a long article. So, I decided to write the review by part to part. Okay, let's get started!

After I read the book bit by bit, page by page, and chapter to chapter, I interested to know who is the author. When I'm reading, I don't really choose who is the writer. I always look at the topics/titles or the content of the book. Sometimes, I just read without checking the content list or synopsis. Because I want to appreciate the author's message in her/his writing. And...I'll read everything and anything. I don't care who they are.

But this time, Quichotte keeps me thinking who is the writer. Why he wrote this way. Why he talked a lot about India/Indian? Why he has a lot of information regarding 'brown people'? Why he wrote a lot about ISIS, terrorists and etc. Because of curiosity, I decided to get to know more about Salman Rushdie.

Who is Salman Rushdie? What is Quichotte About? Quichotte by Salman Rushdie review by Malaysian Book Blogger.


Salman Rushdie is a British-Indian novelist best known for the novel Midnight's Children in 1981 and The Satanic Verses in 1988. His writing in The Satanic Verses has accused him of blasphemy against Islam. In 1989 the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran issued a fatwa ordering Muslims to kill him. I'm shocked by this information. What in my mind about him now? I don't take the negative thoughts or bad issues in a book or the author. But, I'm pretty sure some people in a certain country especially in the world of modern literature, Rushdie remain the stigma of the anti-Islam author. It must difficult to dissolve the stigma attached.

He was born on June 19, 1947, in Bombay (now it's called Mumbai), India. I just know this! The changing of the city's name? How did that happen? Based on my reading, renaming Mumbai from Bombay is happening in 1995. You can read A Brief History Of How Bombay Became Mumbai.

The only son of a wealthy Indian businessman and a school teacher, Rushdie was educated at a Bombay private school before attending The Rugby School, a boarding school in Warwickshire, England. He went on to attend King's College at the University of Cambridge, where he studied history. Read his biography to know more about him. I got a point! he studied history. So, no wonder he very expert writing historical fiction.


(TOP 10)

  1. Midnight's Children (1981) - Midnight's Children is a loose allegory for events in India both before and, primarily, after the independence and partition of India. The protagonist and narrator of the story is Saleem Sinai, born at the exact moment when India became an independent country. He was born with telepathic powers, as well as an enormous and constantly dripping nose with an extremely sensitive sense of smell. The novel is divided into three books.[Read More]
  2. Shame (08 September 1983) - This story takes place in a town called "Q" which is actually a fictitious version of Quetta, Pakistan. In Q, one of the three sisters (Chunni, Munnee, and Bunny Shakil) gives birth to Omar Khayyรกm Shakil, but they act as a unit of mothers, never revealing to anyone who is Omar's birth mother. In addition, Omar never learns who his father is. While growing up, Omar lives in purdah with his three mothers and yearns to join the world. As a birthday present, Omar Khayyรกm Shakil's "mothers" allow him to leave Q. He enrolls in a school and is convinced by his tutor (Eduardo Rodriguez) to become a doctor. Over time, he comes in contact with both Iskander Harappa and General Raza Hyder.[Read More]
  3. The Satanic Verses (1988) - The Satanic Verses consists of a frame narrative, using elements of magical realism, interlaced with a series of sub-plots that are narrated as dream visions experienced by one of the protagonists. The frame narrative, like many other stories by Rushdie, involves Indian expatriates in contemporary England. The two protagonists, Gibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha, are both actors of Indian Muslim background. Farishta is a Bollywood superstar who specialises in playing Hindu deities. (The character is partly based on Indian film stars Amitabh Bachchan and N. T. Rama Rao.) Chamcha is an emigrant who has broken with his Indian identity and works as a voiceover artist in England.[Read More]
  4. Haroun And The Sea of Stories (27 September 1990) - At the beginning of the story, protagonist Haroun Khalifa lives with his father Rashid, a famous storyteller, and his mother Soraya, until the latter is seduced by their neighbor 'Mr. Sengupta' to leave home. Thereafter Rashid is hired to speak on behalf of local politicians but fails his initial assignment. The two are thence conveyed to the 'Valley of K' by courier 'Mr. Butt', to speak for 'Snooty Buttoo', another politician. Attempting to sleep aboard Buttoo's yacht, Haroun discovers 'Iff the Water Genie', assigned to detach Rashid's imagination, and demands conversation against this decision with Iff's supervisor, the Walrus. They are then carried to the eponymous 'Sea of Stories' by an artificial intelligence in the form of a hoopoe, nicknamed 'Butt' after the courier. Of the Sea of Stories, Haroun learns it is endangered by antagonist 'Khattam-Shud,' who represents "the end." [Read More]
  5. Imaginary Homelands (1991) - collection of essays written by Salman Rushdie covering a wide variety of topics. In addition to the title essay, the collection also includes "'Commonwealth Literature' Does Not Exist".Salman Rushdie's “Imaginary Homelands” is an essay that propounds an antiessentialist view of place.[Read More]
  6. East, West (1994) - anthology of short stories by Salman Rushdie. The book is divided into three main sections, entitled "East", "West", and "East, West", each section containing stories from their respective geographical areas (in the "East, West" section both worlds are influenced by each other). [Read More]
  7. The Moor's Last Sigh (1995) - The Moor's Last Sigh traces four generations of the narrator's family and the ultimate effects upon the narrator. The narrator, Moraes Zogoiby, traces his family's beginnings down through time to his own lifetime. Moraes, who is called "Moor" throughout the book, is an exceptional character, whose physical body ages twice as fast as a normal person's does and also has a deformed hand. The book also focusses heavily on the Moor's relationships with the women in his life, including his mother Aurora, who is a famous national artist; his first female tutor; his three older sisters, Ina, Minnie and Mynah; and his first love, a charismatic, demented sculptor named Uma. Salman Rushdie mentions William Babington Macauley in this novel.[Read More]
  8. The Golden House (5 September 2017) - The Golden House is a 2017 novel by Salman Rushdie. The novel, his eleventh, is set in Mumbai and New York.[Read More]
  9. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (April 1999) - The title is taken from a song in the novel, composed by Ormus Cama after Vina's death. The lyrics to the song, with minor changes, were adapted and recorded by U2. The song was used in the 2000 film The Million Dollar Hotel, and the promotional music video featured Rushdie in a cameo appearance.[Read More]
  10. Joseph Anton: A Memior (September 2012) - Rushdie used "Joseph Anton" as a pseudonym while in hiding following the fatwa that had been issued by Ayatollah Khomeini, the spiritual and political leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the midst of criticism by some Muslims and a widespread controversy over Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses (1988). He chose the name to honor the writers Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekhov. Rushdie was annoyed when police officers called him by the more casual nickname, "Joe." The memoir is an account of his life under the ongoing fatwa.[Read More]

Who is Salman Rushdie? What is Quichotte About? Quichotte by Salman Rushdie review by Malaysian Book Blogger.

Quichotte is a novel inspired by the classic novel title Don Quixote de la Mancha. Don Quixote published in 1605. Written by Miguel de Cervantes. He is from Spain. The original title is El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha. The book is divided into three books. In 1612, it was published in English for part one. Then, published in 1620 for the rest.

This novel genre is historical fiction or realism fiction. Because readers can find out the real history in the book. For example, the main character, Ismail Smile (Quichotte) was born in Bombay. There an explanation on page 29 about the city was "not called that now" in the bracket.

Many, many years ago, when the sea was clean and the night was safe, there was a road called Warden Road (not called that anymore) in a neighborhood called Breach Candy (still called that, more or less) in a city called Bombay (not called that now). - Page 29

Besides the readers reading to assess the character's feelings, emotions, crisis, and the situations, readers also can learn and increase the knowledge from the book. I love this book for those reasons. Other than history, Salman Rushdie also includes topics about mental health, psychology, racist issues, terrorist problem, the entertainment industry, and I'm sure there are more interesting topics in the book in my next reading (page 159 until the end).

The main story is about the journey of Quichotte and his son, Sancho pursuit his true love, Salma R. But it is not about romance at all... It is more than we think!

Who is Salman Rushdie? What is Quichotte About? Quichotte by Salman Rushdie review by Malaysian Book Blogger.

[PART 1]

The point of view of this novel is more than one POV. From chapter one until five, the POV is Third Person. In chapter six, the POV was changed to First Person. Salman Rushdie made Sancho as a narrator and the readers watch the story unfold through Sancho's eyes. Then, back to the Third Person in chapter seven.

As far as I've read the story (chapter one until ten), I was enjoyed the plot especially in part related to the character name Salma R and her background. Salma R's life reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and Gia but most similar to Marilyn Monroe. Salma R as known as Oprah 2.0, is a woman that Ismail Smile obsessed with.

When I trying to understand Ismail Smile's feeling of Salma R, I was like...' Ahh? no way...this is insane!'. Is the act of loving someone (deeply/crazily) who doesn't know us are worth it?

Let me share my comments on the chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1

In chapter one, the author introduced the main character of the novel. In the beginning, I have already begun to think that the book will be discussed about mental illness. But I'm not sure what is the type of mental illness yet. So, the question of this book is related to psychology topics. However, I was confused in the middle of the chapter when...

he had been seized long ago and now returned by the aliens in the mothership hiding in the sky above the meteors... - Page 17

Quichotte found his son from the future. What? Is the book genre are science fiction?

Chapter 2

My confusion was increasing in chapter two when the author introduced the character named Sam Duchamp. My reading got intense. My mind got chaos. I have to solve my puzzles. What? Who is Sam? Is he Quichotte? Who is Brother? Are they (Sam and Quichotte) siblings? There is no name for certain characters.

I keep reading and I found out that Sam Duchamp is a novelist. The shocking episode in this chapter is how Sam's father dead. Oh my god! Why? that's pathetic!

I think Sam and Quichotte are sick/mentally/crazy/insane. Hhuhu... But, yes... Sam is unwell.

...then Brother's anxieties were close to triggering a flight response. He wanted to run but didn't know where or how, which made him more fearful still...- Page 23

Sam has an anxiety disorder. His mental health occurred perhaps of the bully events while he was a child. Everyone knows bullying has a bad effect on young people. They'll bring those experiences for the rest of their life.

Back to the characters. What does Sam Duchamp have to do with Quichotte?

Chapter 3

At the beginning (Chapter one and two), I just liked this book as usual; a book. Once I get to chapter three, I started to fall in love with this novel. More than 'just like'. I flutter when I read about Salma R. I'm was curious. I want to know about the character more. I want to dig Salma R's story. I was wondering. Did I now become Quichotte? Interested in Salma R? Haha. What is her specialty until Quichotte willingly travels for the pursuit of her?

In chapter three, also the topics of mental health featured by the author. Severe mental illness can cause suicide. That's not in a fiction story only because that happened in real life.

These mental things in chapter three pulled me to keep reading about Salma R. Felt like can't stop reading. In my thought, that must be awesome when she is the main character. Hahaha.

Maybe her spirit was more adventurous than she knew. Maybe there was something in her that wanted to test itself against the challenges of the wider world...- Page 44

Same like chapter two, the story is about her dysfunctional relationship in the family. Based on my reading in this chapter, she looked optimistic and charismatic person. Her characteristic is attractive. Now I understand why Quichotte obsessed with her.

Chapter 4

I was carried away with Sam Duchamp's sister's life story. When I looked her way when she was angry, I think she also has a mental problem. Oh my god! It was like every character I accused being mentally ill. Hahaha. What a thought. But, based on my reading, I imagine the way she angry was looked like the green Marvel character; HULK...smash! smash! smash! hahaha.

Sam's sister's story made me reflect on my own past. But, her character was a little bit the same as Joker. The DC movie's character. She rebelled for not being able to pursue her dream. I don't know yet, but I think there are reasons why her parent hasn't allow her to do what she wants to.

In this chapter, I was touched by the sibling's relationship are increasingly mute. They don't want to get in touch. They obviously dominated by egoism. Honest, I don't really like her. I don't like this character. She seems manipulator. Toxic person.

Chapter 5

It's about a doctor. Quichotte's cousin. I'm not sure what is my thought about this chapter. It looks like I'm reading mindlessly. Perhaps, I don't understand the context. Let me guess...is it about the political scandal? Is he a scammer? I also think he was cheated on his wife.

Chapter 6

The perspective in this chapter changed to the First-Person POV. The readers watching the story through Sancho's eyes. Quichotte's Son. So, the readers will see the words "I," "me," or "we." in this chapter.

I'm in the middle of between believe and disbelieve that Sancho exists. Perhaps it exists in an unreal way; in Quichotte's head? Well, in chapter one, Sancho has arrived with an Alien ship. Haha.

I guess I have to call him Dad. But here's the thing. How am I supposed to feel properly what's the word. Filial. When we just met. I didn't grow up with him...- Page 82

However, in this chapter, Sancho can tell the readers a lot of the stories regarding Quichotte. Almost everything. Including his mind, his thoughts, his plans, and his history.

Sancho knows Quichotte's stories with details even though they just met. Sancho and Quichotte are puzzle characters. That's the element that made this novel super interesting.

Chapter 7

There is a hilarious part in this chapter. Sancho talked with a cricket. For me, it was so cute for someone talking to an animal. But it's so funny to talk with insects. Talking to cricket? I was thought, "Oh? That's Sancho's pet?"

Then, I was surprised when I got to know that it can talk. I was like, "what? talking insect!" For your information, it has a name. Italian name. That makes me laugh again. And then, Sancho can vanish it like magic after the cricket told him about the insula.

"That is correct," said the cricket, "he wants you to be fully human as badly as you do. He imagines it all the time. And to get you there, he will need to give you an insula." - Page 101

This chapter very entertaining to the readers (or maybe only me?).

Chapter 8

The author brings the readers back to Salma R's life story. This time, it's more details about the dark side of her. From my perspective, it was terrible. It's like you witness a beautiful lifestyle in social media but secrets are hiding beneath.

Other than that, even it was a terrifying story but still I as the reader feel sympathy for the character's condition. Do you hear about Electroconvulsive Therapy? The other names are electroshock therapy.

I have watched "Girl Interrupted" movie. That movie is a1999 American psychological drama film based on Susanna Kaysen's 1993 memoir about her stay at a mental institution. Her friend, Lisa Rowe (played by Angelina Jolie) diagnosed as a sociopath. She is charismatic, manipulative, rebellious and abusive. So, she often treated with electroconvulsive therapy.

In this chapter, the author more discusses the mental treatment of Salma R.

...He was the man who knew too much. He had helped her cover up a scandal that could have derailed her career. - Page 115

Another thing about this chapter; I wonder what caused her boyfriend's death?

Chapter 9

More about the political story. Some of the paragraphs are bored for me. But not everything in the chapter is boring. The part that makes me engage in this chapter is about discrimination based on skin color. Also, about Anti-Muslim sentiment in the West. Are they really suffer Islamophobic?

"You people wear beards and turbans, right? You shave your face and take the headgear off to fool us? T u r b a n s," she repeated slowly, making a swirling turban gesture around her head. - Page 126

Chapter 10

The story still about white people's racial attitudes but worse than in chapter 9. It has involving death and injury of brown people. I think that nonsense. But, it's happened in real life; in reality. This kind of situation disturbing the main character to focus his expedition and the readers. Huhu. Crazy.

"fucking Iranians," and "terrorists," asking them if their status was legal, and screaming, "Get out of my country." It was less than twelve hours since Quichotte and Sancho had been screamed at in the same words, and so, to their shame, they retreated into a corner and stood in the shadows. - Page 144

Unexpectedly, Sancho also has the time to fascinated with beautiful from beautiful.

Beautiful from beautiful. (Page 150)

Who is Salman Rushdie? What is Quichotte About? Quichotte by Salman Rushdie review by Malaysian Book Blogger.

Salman Rushdie is a very detailed person. He knows how to write a current affair in the novel. Besides presenting his fiction stories. There is a lot of information I got from the book. From history until science. Including the entertainment industry, movies, songs, and many more. Almost every chapter I learned new things. About the theme, I still in my efforts to reading for solving the puzzle of the story.

Okay, my review will stop here. I'll share more in Part 2 and 3. See you again. Thank you so much for reading my articles and I'm sorry if there are mistakes of grammar or anything in this article.

Please share this article on your social media. Don't forget to share with me your thoughts in the comment section below regarding Quichotte by Salman Rushdie.

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