What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz

I have read this book in 2019 (23 December 2019). I bought this book in 2016 if I'm not mistaken. So, why I bought this book? I bought this book because of the title. The observes verb. OBSERVES in the Malay language is PERHATIKAN. The perhatikan on the book's title was written like this; perHATIkan. The H A T I is in capital letters and bold for a purpose. That HATI is mean HEART in English. So, I eager to know the content because the voice in my head said, "Hey! what the relation between heart and observation?" Wahaha...

What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz | After I read this book, I wonder If I observe people and situations by heart | Book Review | Malaysian Book Blog | Malaysian Bookish | Malaysian Book Reviewer
Released : 2013
Genre : Non-Fiction / Self-Help
Publisher : Right Book
Size : 17.7x12cm
Format : Paperback
Language : Malay

I finished my reading on this book for 24 hours. That's because the book is in the Malay language and I think, it less than three thousand words.

What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz | After I read this book, I wonder If I observe people and situations by heart | Book Review | Malaysian Book Blog | Malaysian Bookish | Malaysian Book Reviewer

The book's front cover shows people that the book's contents are revealing fifty-three secrets of rich people sustain being rich even richer. After I read that phrase, my mind immediately recalled the popular cartoon called Spongebob because the sound is like Mr.Krab reveals his precious secret recipe to Plankton. Haha.

The book was written by Syed Faiz in 2013. Based on the book's information; about the author/writer section, he is the student of Dr. Azizan Osman. So, his background is related to business or marketing. He is a former engineer at Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

He started his career in business since August 2010 and now he is an assistant director at Infokerjaya PLT.  While being an entrepreneur, he presented his thoughts after did some observation by translating it into writing. His writing origin is an ebook version that he transformed into the physical book that we can see now.
Update Our Brain! - Page 79; Chapter 21.
Update our brains! - Page 79; Chapter 21: That is one of the quotes in the book in English phrase. The writer is combining two languages in his quotes. The way he writes the messages in the book a little bit the same style as the book that I read before; 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari and Dare To Fail by Billi Lim(Quotes Book). It isn't a hundred percent the same but for me it just the same.

Despite the pages total is 202 pages, the word count might be less than 3000 because the font is big and the paragraph was presented like the poems. The faster reader might finish the book only in a few minutes.

The book content has 53 chapters that every chapter represents as a secret of rich people.

What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz | After I read this book, I wonder If I observe people and situations by heart | Book Review | Malaysian Book Blog | Malaysian Bookish | Malaysian Book Reviewer

Syed Faiz has already attracted people through the book's title. He uses the HATI; Heart word makes the bookworms curious about the book. If someone asked us about observe by heart, it must be something serious and deep thinking. So, That is one of the reasons I bought it.

The book also included the reader's testimonial in the earliest pages of the book. All the testimonials gave positive feedback about it.

Even though the book is not details about the secret of rich people, there still has a lot of moral value and lessons to readers.

  1. The lessons about the ants. Ant is the tiny insect that has so big courage and very hardworking. So, Syed Faiz wants the readers to make them an example to continue to work towards the goal. Ants are the unique creature that never gives up except dead!
  2. Adulthood makes people forgot how to be happy. Almost every human at an adult level has a lot of anxiety, worried, gloomy, and vague in making decisions. If your mind said, "Why I can't be happy in this world?", that is not others to blame but yourself. As an adult, we forget to be happy not because we're not happy. On page 20, the book telling people to learn how to be happy as a child. Observe them, they're always happy with small things. Why an adult can't? Plus, If you want to achieve something in your life, throwback your childhood sweet memories. How your spirit be something illogical as Power Rangers in your mind? So, why as an adult, we felt down to be better than 'Power Ranger' in real life?
  3. To achieve goals and dreams need commitment. It is normal if we feel tired and stress at some point. To accomplish all missions without challenges and obstacles are not real achievements.
  4. Have you read about the power of giving in any books? Give is a powerful attraction for us to approach success. What's more, if your giving is sincere and pure of heart. This book also discusses it.
  5. Learning is not specific for the student but it is for everybody. If we stop learning, then we let our brains die.
  6. Great things take time.

The book size is A6. So, book bosomed must fall in love with this pocketbook type of book. Because the book size makes it easy to carry in the bag.

Other than that, the writer's writing style is simple. He never uses complicated words in the book. So, I think the book very suitable to read in public (outdoor) that might be the place is not quite as the library. It's good for light reading.

What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz | After I read this book, I wonder If I observe people and situations by heart | Book Review | Malaysian Book Blog | Malaysian Bookish | Malaysian Book Reviewer
What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz | After I read this book, I wonder If I observe people and situations by heart | Book Review | Malaysian Book Blog | Malaysian Bookish | Malaysian Book Reviewer

What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz | After I read this book, I wonder If I observe people and situations by heart | Book Review | Malaysian Book Blog | Malaysian Bookish | Malaysian Book Reviewer

What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz | After I read this book, I wonder If I observe people and situations by heart | Book Review | Malaysian Book Blog | Malaysian Bookish | Malaysian Book Reviewer

What I'm Observe?(Apa Yang Saya Perhatikan?) - Syed Faiz | After I read this book, I wonder If I observe people and situations by heart | Book Review | Malaysian Book Blog | Malaysian Bookish | Malaysian Book Reviewer

Same as other books. There are pros and cons. In my opinion, this book is more for advertising because the testimonial shows the name of the testimonial giver's business. For me, if you want to recommend a good book for people, we shouldn't have to share our business name. It is enough telling people your name to show you are a real person. Accept if the book is about business strategies that help your company got success achievement because of the book.

However, it doesn't mean the book is not a good book to read. The important thing is the content and moral value. I love all the topics (Chapters) in the book, especially that I've listed in the lessons section above (The greatness of this book).

For me, If I have the public library, I'll put this book in the library for all the lovely readers. Other than that, this book should in the school library too! So, teachers? Buy it for your students now. Why did I say the book suitable for students? That is because the book writing style is not complicated to understand.

The writer's purpose in the book is telling how to be positive people. Syed Faiz wants all readers to rise and don't give up or stop chasing our dream. He accomplishes that purpose in the book by writing it as simple as he can.

The simple writing and style make it suitable for students or someone who still a newbie in reading. Not everybody loves reading thousands of pages of a book because there are readers type in the world. Like me, I'm the note taker reader. I also love the details book and full of facts and information. But still, my weakness in reading the thick book is not fast. So, for me, the book is too simple and I'll choose to read it while I want to relax without taking notes. Yes, light reading.

Nevertheless, there one part of the book that I thought is not right. But, It is not wrong (big deal) either. The writer said, the book is the short story compilation. Based on my learning, the book is not a short story. That is very far from it. It is more to quotes, thoughts, opinion, or something like that. (Or "Kisah Pendek" is doesn't mean "Cerpen", right? Haha).

The style of language almost looks like a poem but there are no rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration. So, I think that also not poetry. Sometimes, Syed Faiz tried to make it looks poetic but the sound pretty bland and awkward.The writing style a little bit same with Faiz Ibrahim. But, I love his point of view and thoughts.

Other, the book also highlighted about the secrets of rich people sustain being rich. The book is more about rich people's psychology, attitude, behavior, and way of thinking. But the writer just wrote the basics. Undeniable, we may forget the basics either. So, It helps to remind the readers on the pros side of it. It's about rich people's minds. Rich people positive thinking. Those no such thing about the technique or technical strategies about how people become rich.

I guess, there must be many people misunderstood about the book if they only judge the book cover. The book is actually about the internal rich. The brain, soul, and heart. It is not about how to gain more money and being rich (materialistic/luxury). Maybe the book should have other suitable cover designs? Oh...sorry. I'm a visual person. So, I always analyze the book cover. Lols. It doesn't matter actually.

In conclusion, the book is not too bad but also not too good. It's just fine for light reading and uses it as a reminder for us about the related topics in the book.

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I Change by Dr.Muruga

Honestly, I took more than 2 weeks to finished my reading on this book. I read this book in August 2018. But I'm mentally breakdown for 6 months in 2019 (personal matter). So, I don't have the perfect mood for my writing in the SWBB (Silly Wonk Book Blog). After all, this blog dedicated to writing in English. It may cause stress on me at that time. So, I postponed my review writing on this book.

Released : 2012
Genre : Non-Fiction / Self-Help
Publisher : Wheatmark
Size : 14.8x21cm
Format : Paperback
Language : English

Alhamdulillah, I'm felt never better now. I'm super excited to continue my work on SWBB again. So, this is my review about this book on my SWBB. 6 years ago (7th December 2012), I bought this book in Harris Bookstore. It's located at 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I selected this book because of the author's writing style. He never uses complicated vocabulary. So, it's easy for me to read it as a beginner. Back then ( In 2012), I can't finish this book because of my weakness in the English language.  So, I've to postpone it again until I did finish this book last year.
Thank god! I got the victory a lot. I'm glad to know all the messages in the book because it's very motivating to be a better person.

The I Change is written by Dr. Muruga. The best-selling author of The Easy UC Way. It is the motivation book or self-help genre. It's known as the self-improvement book category too.
The book is teaching the reader how to have true happiness by changing ourselves to be a better person. The book telling the reader that we should accept the truth that all the reason we unhappy with life is our own responsibilities.

The thickness of the book is less than one centimeter. Even tho the book is not thick, the content still packed with great pieces of information. The book has no illustration. Obviously, suitable for adults. The author; Dr. Muruga is the best selling author, as well as a management and performance consultant, trainer, and coach based in Malaysia. The principal consultant of Creative Beings Consultancy, he shares his ideas of empowering individuals in his second book, I change, which he believes can transform people, organizations, and countries.

The book cover is simple and used a bright and attractive color; red. The title has an eye captured. It's a bold and big font. The book has eight chapters as below:

  1. Why "I Change"?
  2. Chinese Parable: Mei Lin's Story
  3. Acting Above the line
  4. Reflections for "I Change"
  5. What Is It That I Have to "I Change"
  6. "I Change" in the Workplace
  7. AABB at Home and in Personal Roles
  8. When Elephants Run

The topic in the book very neatly arranged. So, the reader very easy to adapt to the message. Readers also can follow step by step to change towards goodness. It's compile with examples and interesting stories.

The book included the test for the reader knows how far they need to change themself. Some people don't realize which area they need to change. So, Dr. Muruga put some test to reveal the roots of the problem in life that makes people unhappy.

The stories in the book are based on a real story from an author's clients. Through the stories, the reader can learn and understand why humans don't happy with their lives such as in the workplace, career, partner, situations, and so on.

An example, Mei Lin's story is about Mei Lin's failure in trying to impress her mother-in-law on page seven (7). Nina who caught her husband, Rashid, cheating on her on page thirty-four (34). And Jason who felt unappreciated and unhappy in his organization on page thirty-seven (37).

The book is related to almost everything in life. In a relationship (wife and husband, worker and the boss, etc), parenthood (Daughters and sons), teenager's behavior, business, and personal life.
A lot of books will tell you how to transform your life as you want. But, rarely to explain why your effort to change or upgrade your life failed. Maybe you already living a good life but still unhappy. Why? The I Change explains in detail the cause its happened to so many people.

Other than that, in chapter four, page twenty-five (25), Dr. Muruga put a beautiful poem that makes the reader can deeply understand the process of the I Change.

There a lot of transformation guidance in the book by Dr. Muruga. It is very useful for everyone who wants their life to gain a lot of happiness and successful results.

1. Indeed, most people want to change themself to be the best. Especially for themself. To be the best means we need new behavior; the good ones to help us achieve what we want. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that they are only at the second level of an effort to change. It's pathetic when they start to stop chasing the result of the best transformation.

The book has stated that, don't give up and keep going on your passion and your dreams until you at the third level.
"Knowing what to do is just the first level. Doing it in a sustained manner is the second level, and last but most importantly, it is the third level; getting the desired results effectively." - Page viii
2. People believe they are unhappy because of the people around them. Or the situation. Or other people's behavior and actions. People generally expect others to change first. People do forget the best thing is "I Change first".
"This book is about you changing first, and then others changing around you. There is no other way." - Page ix
3. Stop acting below the line (Complaints, blame, excuses, and justification). Start acting above the line (Responsibility and Accountability.

"Acting above the line" on page eight-teen (18) is something that an author learned from a seminar he attended. If you want to know more about it, you need to read the book on your own.

Honest, the I Change obviously slap my face a lot. The truth that I need to face considerably rip my ego. However, I positively allow my awareness to change my bad behavior. The book makes an enthusiastic circumstance that convinces me to forget my ego behind.

After I reached on page VI in the book, I was stunned about the transformation level facts. I realize that I know what to do in changing my behavior to the better ones. But, I forgot about the importance level of the changing process. That is getting the desired results effectively.

To get at the third level is not an easy thing. Especially to maintain the motivation and discipline that I need to commit. I was confused because I don't know how to keep myself always motivated by my passion and my mission when the situation makes me down.

I started to wonder about how to handle the situation that makes people down. Because we need to keep obedient to our discipline of new behavior. In my opinion, feeling down and disappointed is not a helpful feeling to keep us always in a good mood. Unfortunately, we can't run from that situation in life.

So, I kept reading the I Change. I'm eager to know how to handle that kind of situation. Because in the past I have a little bad experience in my workplace. The story of Jason on page thirty-seven is a little bit the same as mine. I'm happy at first but after four years of working, I felt unappreciated and unhappy in that company.

As the book explains, people want to change and upgrade themselves. Yes, me too. Back then, I was doing all my best and I felt useless when I haven't got a salary increment and a big bonus. I blamed my boss for that. I thought my boss is not good enough. I immediately unhappy and resigned for another job.

The manager disbelief that I did that. She tried to investigate what was going on but I definitely left her and the company. After reading the book, I have realized that I became weaker by depending on others for happiness and survival in the company. I depend on my manager and my colleagues to be happy. The consequence, I'm not surviving. I also don't have the desire to challenge myself to be the best employee in the company though I have good opportunities at that time.

On page fifty-six in the book, Dr. Muruga explains the causes of my situation is I felt unappreciated and I misunderstood due to needing external appreciation. Based on the page, I need to build my self-esteem and self-belief.

That will change me from the situation of requiring external expression and appreciation. Then, becoming the true self and have an internal appreciation. Besides that, I must filter my belief system either. The manager also a human. She only doing her job; it's not personal. She is also a person that might have her own problems and makes mistakes.

I also learned about non-verbal communication and the AABB concept thru the I Change. AABB is Acceptance (Problem and situation - the challenge to change), Awareness (Sense the unwritten and unsaid), Belief System (Belief filters), and Behavior (Stay committed to new behavior). You have to read the whole book to understand AABB.

After I understand the AABB, I feel more motivated for my target in my life. However, I have to often read the book. To keep reminding me the concept of the I Change. I have applied the AABB in my personal roles and I got a better result for my marriage life. Despite that, I still need improvement in other areas such as in my reading and writing.

I love the contents of this book very much. It helps people to manage life better. What the message that I love the most in the book is the I Change process warning from Dr.Muruga. I'm targeting to buy his another book (first book) titled The Easy UC Way in 2020. I hope I'll found that book.

In conclusion, the book is highly recommended to read by everyone; workers, bosses, students, married couples, parents, entrepreneurs, and the person who wants to have true happiness in life.

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Hello everyone,

Last week, my creator had an enthusiastic moment. She got an e-mail sound like this, "Collaboration Opportunities." At that time, she just awoke from her bed. She grabbed her smartphone on top of her bed. She has seen the notification from her Gmail apps. The moment she reading the mail is unbelievable. Because she waits for that moment for a long time. She really wants this kind of opportunity. It's already a year and three months of waiting.

However, she actually shocked and stunt got that e-mail because she thought that she still doesn't deserve the opportunities from any distributor companies yet. Her Bookstagram looks a bit bland because of the very new in this area (Book sharing and book review). Regarding her Silly Wonk Book Blog (SWBB), she also felt the content are not really good enough. However, she now on her work hard to build the best performance for SWBB. She realized that she is very lucky and blessed. She loves books and readings so much. She just needs to increase her hard work on everything she loves to do.

She doesn't know how to thanks the company that sent her the e-mail but she really appreciated it! I know that she will create a special time for her books.

So, her dream came true. How about me my creator? Hhahahaha... I want to know my own status now. Am I going to be like this forever? I have an idea... How if you creating a mini-comic for telling people my story in your mind? Um.

See yah!
Hello Everyone,

Oh my god! It's been a year I don't write anything for "Silly Wonk Speaks".  This blog also not celebrate with book review posts either for nine months. I think, my creator having difficulties situations. She still bought books, reading, writing articles for Zalora Threads Magazine, and drawing. But it's very few quantities.

She deactivated her facebook account and almost close all her Instagram accounts. Her strength is upside down. Sometimes, she climbed the mountain. In halfway of climbing, she looked back then she went down to the foot of the mountain. Again and again. It's Repeated. Over and over again. It seems never-ending.

The situation started when her head has so many bubbles. The bubbles made her days very cloud. When the cloud condition came she can't focus on her work included her favorite activities. The sun dissapeared. The light faded.

The optimistic attitude she has is faded together with her passion for things she loves to do. It continues for almost six months. She felt so many emotions at the same time. She felt trapped in her own emotions.

She tried to avoid the emotions by made distractions such as slept a lot, watched the movies, sketched the crazy things, and played a video game. But it's well just for temporary. The mood swing keeps turn around like a tornado. That's very mentally painful, I guess.

Actually, that's not her first-time. That's coming back after a very long time. However, in November she has a lot of improvement. Yah! She has never felt better. May all the positive frequencies will circumstances her true-self. May god blessed her on everything she loves to do next.

So, 2019 is the end of 2010's decade. Let's say goodbye to this decade and left every bitter moment behind us. Never looked back. Never in a thousand years to recapture that. Let's wish all of us to get all the happiness, fantastic moments, amazing experiences and great opportunities in 2020 and forward.

To all my book dragon friends, keep diving into the books ocean in every wonderland. Keep enjoying the infinity words journey of your favorite fandom. Keep going on your passion and don't forget to be the best version of yourself for yourself.

See yah!
Every single girl certainly has a dream to marry a Mr. Right and must to find him. That because Mr. Right is someone that match with us almost every single aspect such as understand the attitude, accept the weakness, and it might be everything can fit. Plus, a girl that married to Mr. Right is one of the tips make the relationship will be long-lasting.

How to find your Mr. Right | The Rules How To Find Mr. Right | How To Avoid Mr. Wrong | Get your Mr. Right Tips

However, to get the Mr. Right maybe not the same as Cinderella in the movie that looks like snapping the fingers. Cinderella found her Mr. Right is too easy. She only has to dress well and wear glass shoes. Then, the prince just appeared. It is not that simple in real life. To get your own Mr. Right, we must know and understand what exactly the meaning of Mr. Right.

If we ask other people, they might be telling us Mr. Right is the ideal future husband or the perfect man. Then, we start to think about what is the characters of Mr. Right that they called the ideal one. Might be we also think about the details of a perfect man such as rich, handsome, dress well, romantic, and sweet.

The idea of finding Mr. Right is always misunderstood by the girls since people use the ideal and the perfect words as the criteria. Perfect is doesn't mean perfect of every aspect or for everyone. But, the ideal terms may be accurate if we comprehend the definition. The ideal is referred to as satisfying conception and most suitable. Mr. Right is actually for a girl that holds similar qualities of value, he has the maturity and stability that we need.

For me, Mr. Right is not about the ideal or perfect one. But, it is more about the matching and fit like the puzzle. Matching and fit are about similar standards and priorities to each other. For example, a rich guy looks perfect. But, he might be not in the category of Mr. Right for someone when he has no the same qualities that the girls want. Such as understanding and empathetic. Other than that, Mr. Right is also classified as qualities men.

Now, the question is how to find and get Mr. Right?

Below  the rules and the tips of how and where to get one;

Whatever we want in our life, we must start with ourselves first. Searching Mr. Right will be easier if we know who we are. What we want for ourselves in our life. We need to understand why we need that condition. To get the real Mr. Right, we must be the Mrs. Right for the Mr. Right. Mr. Right doesn't exist for Mrs. Wrong. There is no love relationship fulfilled with happiness if Mrs. Wrong married to Mr. Right or otherwise.

Mostly, girls want a positive guy to be a partner. In their opinion, a positive guy will help them to be a positive and better person. But, the fact is finding the right man is not going to change anything if it's not from their actions. The worst, the positive guy is not found because of our negativity such as self-centered, lazy, boring, and one-dimensional behavior. Accordingly, we must create a positive version of ourselves first to get the real positive man to be our spouse.

The first step to being positive is from our thoughts and feelings. The good feeling to ourselves will help us to be more confidence in daily life. Confidence in ourselves has always created a desire to upgrade ourselves. Upgrading self-value is must be one of the girl's life goals besides has an ideal man.

However, most important to success being Mrs. Right is we must be happy to ourselves first. Learn to be happy inside. No matter great we increase self-value, without the right thoughts and right feelings, we will never feel happy with no matter man you will be with.

Be a happier Mrs. Right with the right thoughts and good feelings, will make we enjoy our own space in life. Automatically, we will kind to everyone around us. By having a good feeling to ourselves, we will respect ourselves and be who we are.

What is the relationship between improving ourselves with finding Mr. Right?

As we understand, Mr. Right is a quality man. He has a great attitude, an intellectually challenging, good mentality, and kindhearted. Thus, as a girl, we must have that kind of qualities too. Depends on the standards and priorities of value that we want. Although we haven’t found the right man yet, at least we are the best version for ourselves.

To achieve the mission of becoming Mrs. Right for Mr. Right, we must know and understand what men want in women too. Normally, qualities men are searching girls that hold a similar value as them. They're often searching the kindhearted, understanding, empathetic, friendly, affectionate, and family-oriented woman. They also want the women with intellectually challenging, ambitious, consistent, and the important is willing to put in the effort for them.

Because of that, we must upgrade ourselves in many aspects. We must learn to have the right attitude. Learn how to be interesting and have an attractive personality. We also can learn new things such as cook new recipes, play new games, or join a new course. Much less, we should complete our course until we are expert and pursue our ambition with passions. We should be inspire to other women because the future husband will be proud to have us as his wife soon.

Don't have an idea of how to self-upgrade? We can learn so many things with anything. For example, reading books like self-help, motivations, business, and financial genre to improve our knowledge. We also can try new online business. Learn to have a good diet and healthy lifestyle. Upgrading ourselves in many areas makes our qualities improve. As a result, that will attract qualities men that have similar standards and levels to us.

An ancient policy, the princess must wait for the prince. Nowadays, that is irrelevant practical to find the right man. Because of that, girls must seek him out. Don't wait for him. We must leave the house and do outdoor activities and learn makes new friends. The romantic relationship can be started by friendship though.

Doing the observations is doesn't mean you are spying specific people or start flirting to anyone. That's inappropriate. Observe the guy around us that might be our Mr. Right. He might be at the workplace or in social media.

Despite that, we must know what type of man we want to be our Mr. Right first. Setting some standards before doing the observation because you will do random observation without knowing what you want. We will waste the value of time.

The standards are various such as maturity, financial stability, life goals, hobbies, and priorities.

One of the strategies for meeting Mr. Right is in the right places. Imagine that, we don't like the alcoholic guy. Then, why we searching right guy in the night club? Of course, we will found Mr. Wrong. If we want a businessman, so we should find him at the business event. If we want the religious man, so we must find him in the place of religion.

However, the reason we go to the places is our own interested in the event and those things. No man wants a woman who pretends interested in the same objective to approach them. They only attracted to genuine characters and real stand.

If we want the hardworking guy, we should seek him at the relevant places. In the morning, they might be dropping by at coffee shops and buy a coffee to start their morning routine. Oh yes, in these cases, we should frequent to go to coffee shops. We also must be friendly and talk to anyone in the coffee shop to make new friends.

Another good idea if we want the guy who loves reading and study, we can find him in the public library. Of course, we will enjoy our time together with bookworm guy if we are also a book lover. Who knows he might be our future husband, right? Pssst...some people said nerd guys are very good in loyal aspect. The reason for that statement is because they have high emotional intelligence level. They love reading and learning.

Whatever the kind of guy we are looking for, we must analyze what place they love to spend their time.

Dress well is also important. This tip cannot be ignored. Clothes and grooming is our first impression of other people. We want or not, people will see us base on what we wear. People will look at our dress. After all, everyone loves to see someone who looks beautiful and tidy. Of course, including the guy might be our Mr. Right. So, if we still lack the grooming knowledge, we must learn and improve how we dress daily.

Don't you know, dress well can influent your mood? By chance, we want to communicate with people around us, makes new friends, and finding the right man. So, we must have a good mood. Without a good mood, it must be difficult to speak clear and gentle, smile, and make sense of humor. Imagine when we are lazy. We don't want to have a chit-chat, laugh, smile, and the worst is we don't have a mood to do anything.

Depends on the event and occasions that we attend. We must wear a suitable dress. So, we don't look awkward and seem excessive. Because we spend so much time in the workplace, It's not wrong if we buy a lot on workwear collection.

Our clothing impacts how we think and our personality. It helps us to highlight our personality. Dressing smart is also important to boost our confidence and sense of self-empowerment. It might be seen by someone who likes us. We probably approach by the guy that holds similar value like us.

We should learn the personal grooming and dress code to impress everyone we meet. Especially in the workplace. Much less, we don’t look sloppy. Maybe people asking why should we do the grooming? The answer is simple. We look presentable, confident, and professional. It can make a positive statement before we start to talk to someone. Who knows if the right guy is in the same building, right? Old people always telling us, our another half might be nearby.

Here some simple tips. The surprising things guys love about what girls wear.
Wear belted dresses and jumpsuit. That belt will be featuring a waist shape. A girl will look beautiful.
Classic black dress is also attracted and good choice.
Skinny jeans with high heels or knee-high boots. Wear it with sneaker are also cute.
Guy also like a girl wear glasses because they look so cute and nerd.
However, please don't forget to respect ourselves. Don't wear too sexy clothes to make the guys notice you. This might be a probability to attract pervert guy.

Talking about clothing and grooming is mostly about appearance. Now, we will discuss our internal. That is personality. Have an attractive personality also play a role to attract the right man. To be a quality woman, we must have the packaged includes good appearance and personality.

Having an attractive personality is a powerful ability for making others more drawn to us. This is one of the keys to making friends and having a lasting relationship. At the same time, it will lead to good relationships between the friend's family and us. As a result, we will found our Mr. Right as soon as possible. Because quality guy loves their woman is a friendly, sociable, and family-oriented.

Then, how to have an attractive personality? First, we must communicate clearly, frequently, and naturally. Good communication is not always we are talking to someone. But, we also must be a good listener. We must listen to others. Pay attention to what the other person is saying. Show them you are listening and interested by commenting on the story or asking the questions. Other than that, good communication includes to speak sincerely and help others communicate. We must be honest to people but make sure it is polite. For example, if we don't like our friend's hairstyle and they ask about it, we respond with, "I like your hairstyle before." rather than, "I hate your hair, it's ugly." Because it's rude.

Second, we must be having a humor sense. As we discuss before, qualities men want the type of women that have funny personality. The third is exuding confidence. We should have confidence in how we speak and act. We also must have confidence in our body, dressing appropriately, and having a good posture. However, make sure we know the difference between confidence and cockiness.

Nowadays, making new friends through the internet is not something odd. In fact, there are married couple get acquainted via the internet. This is because the internet is very easy to access today. We also can access the internet through a smartphone.

We can create a social media account without difficulty. The popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter give us a chance to find our Mr. Right. We can start with a simple chat such as introduce ourselves. If they interested in us, the conversation will continue for a long time. The social media friendship also can lead to real friendship.

Besides, the internet also provides the dating site. Sometimes, we should be open to matchmaker services because they know so many people looking for a life partner. Why don't we try?

Sometimes, we don't found our right partner is not because he is not the right person. Maybe we are the root of the problem. Is our attitude right for the current time? Are we treat people right? Are we live in real-time or still in the past?

No man can love a woman that still can't move on with the past love relationship. Because it seems wasting time. Every love story is better if we love each other and put in the effort for each other. Unable to forget ex-lover will bring heartbreaking situation. We will blind and can't detect the right guy.

Moreover, we need to forgive ourselves on what we have done wrong in the past relationship. It is impossible to correct something we did. Don't let our past mistake blocking our courage and self-esteem. We must move on and create a new and better life. As a human, it's normal if we made mistakes because we are a learner. Perfection doesn't exist. All we can are only take lessons and a chance to change. We don't have to be doomed to be a failure. We can change to be a better version and grow.

Besides, don't forget to forgive people that have hurt our heart and betrayed us. More we hold the pains, more we will holding onto anger. Forgiveness isn't about to let go of the enemies walk free with their wrongdoing but it's about finally we are walk free and continue our journey to the new phase of our life. Our future are waiting for us.

Let the past go is an obligation. Motivate ourselves and rise again. Because the key of freedom to be who we are is right now and right here. Sometimes, to have a new relationship is we must open our heart to new people and try again. The failed relationship has taught us about ourselves and how to know which guy deserves our affection.

Don't you ever hear the statement that our friends and family know us better than ourselves? Sometimes, we don't see our potential and talent. But people keep telling us about it. Likewise, our attitude and behavior that we don't realize that might be rude or bad.

Thus, there is a probability our family and friends might know what type of guy match with us. They must have a good friend might be better to be our partner. Oh yes, this way might be the old style. New generations maybe don't like their family or friends help them in a love relationship. Don't feel ashamed or like you failed. Other than the internet, there are couples meet through friends and family too.

Good friends and family members will want to see the person they love to be happy. In fact, they will enjoy the good feeling of helping other people find happiness. Just make sure our friends and family members are leading us to a good man. Because good people associate with good people. If our friends obvious not leading us to good people, clearly we need new friends too.

To make sure he is a good man and match with us, we must check his background and his priorities. By doing this, we can find out his true attitude and behavior. How to do a background check on him? We can ask him to bring us to see his parents. If he considers us is her girlfriend and a special person, he will agree to bring us to see his parents. In a serious relationship, we don't require a long time to get to know both parents.

Finding a boyfriend is hard enough, but finding a precise guy that match the taste is even harder. On the surface, he might look like the perfect guy, but we have no idea what is hiding below. If he doesn't want to bring us to see his parents, that might be the indication of Mr. Wrong.

We also can check how he introduced us to his family and friends. If he doesn't say we are his girlfriend, so he maybe doesn't create a serious relationship.

Other than that, we may be able to find out some key information without him knowing. We can try to search for his information through the internet. Try to search his name on the browser. We also can check his social media. By doing that, we can check what exactly he posted.

If we know his friends, we can be their friends too. Frequently talk to his friends can be opened up about our new boyfriend. They might be telling us about him. If he is okay to bring us to see his parents, take a chance to talk about him with them. They must know their son better.

Why must check his background? Because we deserve to marry a good guy that willing to take the commitment of a relationship. Mr. Right is a guy who works hard to implement his responsibility. We are unjustified to exterminate our life with the reckless to marry Mr. Wrong.

Do we also wonder why we must meet our partner's parents? Other than checking on a good relationship between our boyfriend and his parents, the research of psychology believes having family validate and encourage our relationship helps the health and stability of the relationship.

Thus, the summary to earn positive and good things in our life is starting from ourselves. It's included to get a positive person and to have a good relationship. We must start to take action by improving ourselves first. Quality people will usually be surrounded by quality people. An effort to find a good partner is included appearance and personality. We also can't skip the idea that relationship with parents helps the quality of a romantic relationship because quality guys are always created by the quality family.

That's all the rules and the tips of how and where to get Mr. Right. Did you tried all of the tips above? Do you have any additional tips? Please share your tips on the comment section below.

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Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim

I bought Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim is a long time ago. Initially, I bought the book because of the cover illustration. Hahaha. My old friend shares about this book on her Instagram and I bought it as well. Reinkarnasi is about someone who is disappointed with his life and trying to rise again.

Book review by Malaysian book blogger
Released : 2015
Genre : Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Poetry
Publisher : The Booku
Pages : 190
Size : 14.8x21cm
Format : Paperback
Language : Malay

Reinkarnasi is Reincarnation in the English language. That is mean the rebirth of a soul in another body or a new version of something from the past. He describes how he felt when he failed in life and wanted to rise again using the idiom of Reincarnation.

The book cover is in black and combined with complicated but very creative illustration. The The size is A5. The book is published in 2015 by The Booku. Today (2019), Faiz Ibrahim has managed to write seven books.

The all book list :
  1. Reinkarnasi
  2. Rehabilitasi
  3. Regraduasi
  4. Ambivalen
  5. 27 Hari Untuk Move On
  6. 19 Hari Untuk Rasa Bahagia
  7. Kaisar Karu

Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim book review by Malaysian book blogger

This book has two sections. The first section is in poetry format meanwhile the second is in the diary format. Both of them is about the writer emotions. He has written based on his real experience.

The poem explains the reader about his mistakes, lost his loved ones, how he failed while he was immature and failure in romance. Other than that, he told the reader the reason for his resurrection. He also writes about his insignificant rebellion.

Faiz Ibrahim also expresses his feelings when his father passed away in a phrase. As well as his love affection to his mother. So, the entire book is about writer's personal life, feelings and his emotions.

There are 115 poems and 45 personal notes in the book. The page total is 166 including the introduction.

Besides, this books' illustration has implied an intent that related to the content such as the clock which means about his past, now and maybe the future that he want to create. The roses which bring meaning to the love story or maybe it's symbolic to girls and the rocket as a sign to rise again.

Faiz Ibrahim's book review by book blogger in Malaysia

1. This book is simple and easy to understand. In one page, there only a few phrases to read. Some of the pages are half blank pages. He only uses half or quarter from the A5 size blank page. It's easy to understand because the writer doesn't use complicated words for his poem. If you are the faster reader, I can say that you will finish it in only a day. Maybe an hour.

2. It's good for light reading. The book only has 166 pages. I think it's very good for light reading. It could be when you in the bus or waiting for someone's arrival at an airport.

3. It boosts our mind to think about life deeply. We can compare our life to the writer's experience. Maybe we forgot to thankful. We may unconscious that we are a selfish person or we may forget about our family love for us. How about the sacrifice? We may forget about grateful.

4. This book invites us to self-reflection about our attitude. Same as above (at no. 3). The book invites us to self-reflection about the implied intentions in the book. Are we cruel without us deliberately? Maybe not to others but our self? Are you smoking? Are you eating unhealthy food? We may love our friends but forget to give love to our parent and siblings. Yes, maybe we an unstable or imbalance nice person. The book invites us to think about our attitude.

5. It's serving us too many kinds of teaching especially about family, religion, god, love, self-ability and more. Faiz often writes about his mother. He loves his mother very much and wants to makes his mom proud of him. While Faiz furthers his study in a university, he willing to sacrifice his study matter by leaving the university and work in his village. That's because he wants to accompany his mother in his hometown. You can read about this in the diary format section, no.007, 008, 009 and 031.

6. There are poems that very meaningful. He wrote 115 poems in the book. Some of it was very meaningful. There are my favorite poem and I'll tell you 3 of it. That is no.004, 009, and 010. Poetry no. 004 is about blind happiness. Poetry no. 009 is about friendship quality base on quantity. And the last one, poetry no. 010 is about someone coming to healing the broken hurt.

7. Full of word advice for teenagers, those who are sad, those who are disappointed with failure and may be helpful in identifying ways to rise and survive of heartbroken. The book is talking too much about teenagers life, rebel, love, disappointed, frustrated and broken hurt by lover and friend. That is only written content. When we are able to understand the implied content, we will not be acting like the fool. We will be healing faster.

8. This book will make us feel grateful for what we have. When the writer shares about his experiences such as losing someone he loves, we should think that we are so lucky because we still have what he don't.

9. The book's illustration very creative and makes you want to keep all version of Faiz Ibrahim's books. Like I mentioned before, this book has a great illustration. Other than the clock, roses, and rocket, the illustrator to this book is very creative to put other items such as crown that might be the power to self-control or maybe that is bring something else meaning like mastered in something. There is a ship that's mean adventures of life and many more objects.

10. we will conscious there are countless sacrifices and valuable family life and priceless love from our parents for us. You will be going to flashback about your past life with your parents, siblings, and grandparents. Especially when you are as a kid. Example, there are valuables moments while I was a kid that reminds me a lot about my parent sacrifices. They will do anything unless I'm happy and safe.

Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim review

Book Review by Malaysian Book Blogger

Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim

What reader think about Faiz Ibrahim

My opinion about Reinkarnasi is diverse. For me, reincarnation is something huge picture to reflect the teenagers' or young people problem such as unrewarded love and vanity friendship. I think Faiz Ibrahim's emotions in the poems not touchable enough but about his love for his mother are incredible.

His suffer, failure, and fall in the young life are too simple for using reincarnation idiom because for me reflects the rebirth are for something extreme. For example, depression due to bully experience or accused of something we didn't do.

However, he suffering about his father gone is something obvious pain. He felt empty, missed it, guilty and what so ever. As a result of the loss of a biological father, it made him so sad and made his mind distracted about everything in life.

Besides, I don't fall in love with his poem in this book. Maybe because of the style of language that he used. The poems delivery is not deep regarding no metaphor. The poet is too simple. It is like a dialog or monolog format although this book almost the same as 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari. I think there is a slight lack in this book especially the poem section. 88 Love Life has been highlighted positive views rather than Reinkarnasi.

Despite that, I love the way Faiz presenting about his life experience in diary or journal format. What he is trying to convey is easy to absorb. I can feel the emotions and the story compared to the poems.

In his Journal no. 027, I am amazed by his story about Tingkatan Enam. The story almost 100 percent the same as mine. I loved my memories while I was in Tingkatan Enam because there are meaningful lessons.

Overall, I love the diary section than the poem section. Despite that, some of the poems still acceptable as good lessons and motivations.

Conclusion, this book is suitable for teenagers. Therefore, they can learn from the mistakes of others. For me, the experience of others is also a very good lessons. Parents should buy this book for their teenagers. It also suitable for young adult and poetry lover.

Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim
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88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari

In July 2018, I have been finished reading a book titled 88 Love Life written by Diana Rikasari. 88 Love Life is a Self-Help or Motivation genre. In MPH, this book category is non-fiction. This book cover has a very bright color. Highlight pink in the background and in gold for the book title. It's an attractive and cheerful book. Well, this book will catch bibliophile very easy. The size is like A5 but a little bit small. Cute book! More for female or teenagers. Perhaps, a guy will buy this book for their girls. Hhehe...

Book Review By Malaysian Book Blogger | 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari
Released : October 2014
Genre : Non-Fiction / Self-Help
Publisher : Imprint KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia)
Pages : 128
Size : 12x18cm
Format : Hardcover
Language : English
This book first published is in October 2014 in Indonesia. Then, its distributed to Malaysia 2 month later. December 2014.

The book exact describes it's author, Diana Rikasari who love colors so much. Her is a hard art fan and fashion lover. Diana is Indonesian, a wife and a mother. She is an author who has good thoughts about dream and life.

What is 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari about?

The entire book is about how to have a positive mind in life and love. Practice positive thoughts in life is very important to live in happiness. The happy mind will create the joyful and peaceful situation.

In page 25, Diana Rikasari said that Real happiness is when you can accept that life isn't always that happy and yet you still choose to smile and move on.

Other than, this book also tells us don't give up on our dreams despite it's very hard or slow progress to achieve because every sacrifice that we made will be present in the future. A little bit same as the book I ever read while I was 16. That book is 'Dare To Fail' written by Billi Lim.

Many people always failed to achieve their dreams because they are afraid to feel the disappointment of failure. When they avoid the possibility of failure for the first time of trying, they decided to stop to discover new thing in their life even though it can make their dream come true if it succeed.

Fail is not great feelings to feel but without failure, we are not learning anything. We are dull and will be dull repeatedly.

In addition to this book content, every motivation or story has a lot of illustrations by Dinda Puspitasari. Dinda is a creative illustration. I enjoyed it while reading. It is so colorful and cheers me up. It really proves to me that this book never bored at all.

Sometimes at any page of this book, Diana Rikasari insert some relationship inspiration based on her real relationship with her husband. She also added some story about her experience of life.

The greatness of 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari

1. This book is not too heavy and small. I can always carry it in my bag. Then, I can read this book anywhere for the light reading. Diana Rikasari presents this book's content with the simple writing.  Very easy to understand.

2. This book can release tension because of so many illustrations and so colorful. To me, it so helps me to cheer me up if I feel boring doing my work or feel boring while waiting. Maybe because I am an art lover.

3. This book cover is the hard type. So, it is not easily torn or folded.

4. The content keeps my heart sparkling with a good spirit. My mind fulfills with positive thoughts. This feeling very equal after reading Dare To Fail book twelve years ago. It's like a wake-up call.

5. This book is no.1 mega-bestselling book trilogy in Indonesia and Malaysia.

6. The author is The Best Book Award recipient for this book for two years (2015 and 2016).

7. This book is a trilogy. 88 Love Life has 3 volume since 2017. I will buy the second and third soon.

8. In 2018, the author revealed her next book after the 88 Love Life volume 3. It is about parenting.

9. In the last page of this book, Diana Rikasari gift some stickers for stationery or journal addict person.

88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari is good or bad book?

Thumbs Up for 88 Love Life By Diana Rikasari

What is the rating for 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari?

4.5 golden egg for 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari

88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari - book review by malaysian book blogger

My opinion, this book very fit for teenagers group. Meanwhile, this book will not satisfactory for the intense story addict. That is because this book is too simple and very light reading. However, the content of this book is very good for practice positive mind. That why I said that its suitable for teenagers group who easy to rebel.

Despite that, there are no boys will fail in love with this book because it's very pink and so ladies. Kids? I'm pretty sure they will love this book because there are colorful inside.

In whatever way, I think women without limit of ages will love this book.

88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari Book Blogger Review
My Bookstagram : @sillywonk .

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