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88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari

In July 2018, I have been finished reading a book titled 88 Love Life written by Diana Rikasari. 88 Love Life is a Self-Help or Motivation genre. In MPH, this book category is non-fiction. This book cover has a very bright color. Highlight pink in the background and in gold for the book title. It's an attractive and cheerful book. Well, this book will catch bibliophile very easy. The size is like A5 but a little bit small. Cute book! More for female or teenagers. Perhaps, a guy will buy this book for their girls. Hhehe...

Book Review By Malaysian Book Blogger | 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari
Released : October 2014
Genre : Non-Fiction / Self-Help
Publisher : Imprint KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia)
Pages : 128
Size : 12x18cm
Format : Hardcover
Language : English
This book first published is in October 2014 in Indonesia. Then, its distributed to Malaysia 2 month later. December 2014.

The book exact describes it's author, Diana Rikasari who love colors so much. Her is a hard art fan and fashion lover. Diana is Indonesian, a wife and a mother. She is an author who has good thoughts about dream and life.

What is 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari about?

The entire book is about how to have a positive mind in life and love. Practice positive thoughts in life is very important to live in happiness. The happy mind will create the joyful and peaceful situation.

In page 25, Diana Rikasari said that Real happiness is when you can accept that life isn't always that happy and yet you still choose to smile and move on.

Other than, this book also tells us don't give up on our dreams despite it's very hard or slow progress to achieve because every sacrifice that we made will be present in the future. A little bit same as the book I ever read while I was 16. That book is 'Dare To Fail' written by Billi Lim.

Many people always failed to achieve their dreams because they are afraid to feel the disappointment of failure. When they avoid the possibility of failure for the first time of trying, they decided to stop to discover new thing in their life even though it can make their dream come true if it succeed.

Fail is not great feelings to feel but without failure, we are not learning anything. We are dull and will be dull repeatedly.

In addition to this book content, every motivation or story has a lot of illustrations by Dinda Puspitasari. Dinda is a creative illustration. I enjoyed it while reading. It is so colorful and cheers me up. It really proves to me that this book never bored at all.

Sometimes at any page of this book, Diana Rikasari insert some relationship inspiration based on her real relationship with her husband. She also added some story about her experience of life.

The greatness of 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari

1. This book is not too heavy and small. I can always carry it in my bag. Then, I can read this book anywhere for the light reading. Diana Rikasari presents this book's content with the simple writing.  Very easy to understand.

2. This book can release tension because of so many illustrations and so colorful. To me, it so helps me to cheer me up if I feel boring doing my work or feel boring while waiting. Maybe because I am an art lover.

3. This book cover is the hard type. So, it is not easily torn or folded.

4. The content keeps my heart sparkling with a good spirit. My mind fulfills with positive thoughts. This feeling very equal after reading Dare To Fail book twelve years ago. It's like a wake-up call.

5. This book is no.1 mega-bestselling book trilogy in Indonesia and Malaysia.

6. The author is The Best Book Award recipient for this book for two years (2015 and 2016).

7. This book is a trilogy. 88 Love Life has 3 volume since 2017. I will buy the second and third soon.

8. In 2018, the author revealed her next book after the 88 Love Life volume 3. It is about parenting.

9. In the last page of this book, Diana Rikasari gift some stickers for stationery or journal addict person.

88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari is good or bad book?

Thumbs Up for 88 Love Life By Diana Rikasari

What is the rating for 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari?

4.5 golden egg for 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari

88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari - book review by malaysian book blogger

My opinion, this book very fit for teenagers group. Meanwhile, this book will not satisfactory for the intense story addict. That is because this book is too simple and very light reading. However, the content of this book is very good for practice positive mind. That why I said that its suitable for teenagers group who easy to rebel.

Despite that, there are no boys will fail in love with this book because it's very pink and so ladies. Kids? I'm pretty sure they will love this book because there are colorful inside.

In whatever way, I think women without limit of ages will love this book.

88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari Book Blogger Review
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