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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my reading and study space. I'm a yellow egghead without a body. But, I've hands and legs. The elastic hands and legs. I'm not sure why my creator created me like this. Huh! Do I look so cute? My creator love colorful but the most she loves is the yellow and red color. Then, she coloring me in yellow. My reading section and study space also have a lot of yellow color things. Some of it is red.

Malaysian Book Blogger. Read and review books in English.

Well, I often dizzy on everything that I don't know or understand. So, I keep research and learning. I love to study and reading so much!

I wonder if I can read more than one books at the same time. What an amazing ability yah! Do you ever see how Dr. Strange read all his books? Is he reading only one night?

I saw him reading while he's sleep. I have got a little bit of envy at him. In the same time, I clapped my hand. Daaa! What kind of feeling is that?

Well, Why you are here? Do you have the same behavior as me? Do you carry the book everywhere you go? What category of the book did you love to read?

I guess you will be my friends because we have the same interest! Read, book, read, book, read, book...yah! We're connected!

Thanks for visiting me today. I hope you don't mind I leave you right now. I want to continue my reading.

See yah!


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