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Hello Everyone,

My friend, the founder is a Bibliophile. She really loves books. As a lady, If you go to the shopping mall, what is the exact shop you will enter? Maybe shoe shop, nail shop, dress shop? The correct word is a fashion shop. Right?

Malaysian Book Blogger. Read and review books in English.

Different to her. She will go to the bookstore and stationery. She will enter that shop again and again. She can not leave without buying the book or even one. Sometimes, her mood gets crazy, and buying so many books at one time. Then, she put the new books up together with other unread books at home.

In my opinion, she is not Bibliophile. I think she is Tsundoku. Hahaha... am I right with this term?

Then, one day, she found a Malaysian bookish Instagram (Malaysian Book Blogger), named AmazingDistance67. The Instagram owner is a female. She loves reading. AmazingDistance67 makes sparked inspiration for her to start reading again.

She starts to organize her new routine schedule. She added reading as her new daily activity.

She said she wants to read like she did before but she has no time a long time ago. After getting into it, she pushes herself to steal time for reading a book. At least 10 pages daily. It's hard at first but easy now.

She succeeds! Well done. Now she is the true Bibliophile.

Uh! I have my own Instagram. It's @SillyWonk. Please feel free to follow and be my bookish friend!

See yah!


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