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Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim

I bought Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim is a long time ago. Initially, I bought the book because of the cover illustration. Hahaha. My old friend shares about this book on her Instagram and I bought it as well. Reinkarnasi is about someone who is disappointed with his life and trying to rise again.

Book review by Malaysian book blogger
Released : 2015
Genre : Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Poetry
Publisher : The Booku
Pages : 190
Size : 14.8x21cm
Format : Paperback
Language : Malay

Reinkarnasi is Reincarnation in the English language. That is mean the rebirth of a soul in another body or a new version of something from the past. He describes how he felt when he failed in life and wanted to rise again using the idiom of Reincarnation.

The book cover is in black and combined with complicated but very creative illustration. The The size is A5. The book is published in 2015 by The Booku. Today (2019), Faiz Ibrahim has managed to write seven books.

The all book list :
  1. Reinkarnasi
  2. Rehabilitasi
  3. Regraduasi
  4. Ambivalen
  5. 27 Hari Untuk Move On
  6. 19 Hari Untuk Rasa Bahagia
  7. Kaisar Karu

Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim book review by Malaysian book blogger

This book has two sections. The first section is in poetry format meanwhile the second is in the diary format. Both of them is about the writer emotions. He has written based on his real experience.

The poem explains the reader about his mistakes, lost his loved ones, how he failed while he was immature and failure in romance. Other than that, he told the reader the reason for his resurrection. He also writes about his insignificant rebellion.

Faiz Ibrahim also expresses his feelings when his father passed away in a phrase. As well as his love affection to his mother. So, the entire book is about writer's personal life, feelings and his emotions.

There are 115 poems and 45 personal notes in the book. The page total is 166 including the introduction.

Besides, this books' illustration has implied an intent that related to the content such as the clock which means about his past, now and maybe the future that he want to create. The roses which bring meaning to the love story or maybe it's symbolic to girls and the rocket as a sign to rise again.

Faiz Ibrahim's book review by book blogger in Malaysia

1. This book is simple and easy to understand. In one page, there only a few phrases to read. Some of the pages are half blank pages. He only uses half or quarter from the A5 size blank page. It's easy to understand because the writer doesn't use complicated words for his poem. If you are the faster reader, I can say that you will finish it in only a day. Maybe an hour.

2. It's good for light reading. The book only has 166 pages. I think it's very good for light reading. It could be when you in the bus or waiting for someone's arrival at an airport.

3. It boosts our mind to think about life deeply. We can compare our life to the writer's experience. Maybe we forgot to thankful. We may unconscious that we are a selfish person or we may forget about our family love for us. How about the sacrifice? We may forget about grateful.

4. This book invites us to self-reflection about our attitude. Same as above (at no. 3). The book invites us to self-reflection about the implied intentions in the book. Are we cruel without us deliberately? Maybe not to others but our self? Are you smoking? Are you eating unhealthy food? We may love our friends but forget to give love to our parent and siblings. Yes, maybe we an unstable or imbalance nice person. The book invites us to think about our attitude.

5. It's serving us too many kinds of teaching especially about family, religion, god, love, self-ability and more. Faiz often writes about his mother. He loves his mother very much and wants to makes his mom proud of him. While Faiz furthers his study in a university, he willing to sacrifice his study matter by leaving the university and work in his village. That's because he wants to accompany his mother in his hometown. You can read about this in the diary format section, no.007, 008, 009 and 031.

6. There are poems that very meaningful. He wrote 115 poems in the book. Some of it was very meaningful. There are my favorite poem and I'll tell you 3 of it. That is no.004, 009, and 010. Poetry no. 004 is about blind happiness. Poetry no. 009 is about friendship quality base on quantity. And the last one, poetry no. 010 is about someone coming to healing the broken hurt.

7. Full of word advice for teenagers, those who are sad, those who are disappointed with failure and may be helpful in identifying ways to rise and survive of heartbroken. The book is talking too much about teenagers life, rebel, love, disappointed, frustrated and broken hurt by lover and friend. That is only written content. When we are able to understand the implied content, we will not be acting like the fool. We will be healing faster.

8. This book will make us feel grateful for what we have. When the writer shares about his experiences such as losing someone he loves, we should think that we are so lucky because we still have what he don't.

9. The book's illustration very creative and makes you want to keep all version of Faiz Ibrahim's books. Like I mentioned before, this book has a great illustration. Other than the clock, roses, and rocket, the illustrator to this book is very creative to put other items such as crown that might be the power to self-control or maybe that is bring something else meaning like mastered in something. There is a ship that's mean adventures of life and many more objects.

10. we will conscious there are countless sacrifices and valuable family life and priceless love from our parents for us. You will be going to flashback about your past life with your parents, siblings, and grandparents. Especially when you are as a kid. Example, there are valuables moments while I was a kid that reminds me a lot about my parent sacrifices. They will do anything unless I'm happy and safe.

Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim review

Book Review by Malaysian Book Blogger

Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim

What reader think about Faiz Ibrahim

My opinion about Reinkarnasi is diverse. For me, reincarnation is something huge picture to reflect the teenagers' or young people problem such as unrewarded love and vanity friendship. I think Faiz Ibrahim's emotions in the poems not touchable enough but about his love for his mother are incredible.

His suffer, failure, and fall in the young life are too simple for using reincarnation idiom because for me reflects the rebirth are for something extreme. For example, depression due to bully experience or accused of something we didn't do.

However, he suffering about his father gone is something obvious pain. He felt empty, missed it, guilty and what so ever. As a result of the loss of a biological father, it made him so sad and made his mind distracted about everything in life.

Besides, I don't fall in love with his poem in this book. Maybe because of the style of language that he used. The poems delivery is not deep regarding no metaphor. The poet is too simple. It is like a dialog or monolog format although this book almost the same as 88 Love Life by Diana Rikasari. I think there is a slight lack in this book especially the poem section. 88 Love Life has been highlighted positive views rather than Reinkarnasi.

Despite that, I love the way Faiz presenting about his life experience in diary or journal format. What he is trying to convey is easy to absorb. I can feel the emotions and the story compared to the poems.

In his Journal no. 027, I am amazed by his story about Tingkatan Enam. The story almost 100 percent the same as mine. I loved my memories while I was in Tingkatan Enam because there are meaningful lessons.

Overall, I love the diary section than the poem section. Despite that, some of the poems still acceptable as good lessons and motivations.

Conclusion, this book is suitable for teenagers. Therefore, they can learn from the mistakes of others. For me, the experience of others is also a very good lessons. Parents should buy this book for their teenagers. It also suitable for young adult and poetry lover.

Reinkarnasi by Faiz Ibrahim
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