Every single girl certainly has a dream to marry a Mr. Right and must to find him. That because Mr. Right is someone that match with us almost every single aspect such as understand the attitude, accept the weakness, and it might be everything can fit. Plus, a girl that married to Mr. Right is one of the tips make the relationship will be long-lasting.

How to find your Mr. Right | The Rules How To Find Mr. Right | How To Avoid Mr. Wrong | Get your Mr. Right Tips

However, to get the Mr. Right maybe not the same as Cinderella in the movie that looks like snapping the fingers. Cinderella found her Mr. Right is too easy. She only has to dress well and wear glass shoes. Then, the prince just appeared. It is not that simple in real life. To get your own Mr. Right, we must know and understand what exactly the meaning of Mr. Right.

If we ask other people, they might be telling us Mr. Right is the ideal future husband or the perfect man. Then, we start to think about what is the characters of Mr. Right that they called the ideal one. Might be we also think about the details of a perfect man such as rich, handsome, dress well, romantic, and sweet.

The idea of finding Mr. Right is always misunderstood by the girls since people use the ideal and the perfect words as the criteria. Perfect is doesn't mean perfect of every aspect or for everyone. But, the ideal terms may be accurate if we comprehend the definition. The ideal is referred to as satisfying conception and most suitable. Mr. Right is actually for a girl that holds similar qualities of value, he has the maturity and stability that we need.

For me, Mr. Right is not about the ideal or perfect one. But, it is more about the matching and fit like the puzzle. Matching and fit are about similar standards and priorities to each other. For example, a rich guy looks perfect. But, he might be not in the category of Mr. Right for someone when he has no the same qualities that the girls want. Such as understanding and empathetic. Other than that, Mr. Right is also classified as qualities men.

Now, the question is how to find and get Mr. Right?

Below  the rules and the tips of how and where to get one;

Whatever we want in our life, we must start with ourselves first. Searching Mr. Right will be easier if we know who we are. What we want for ourselves in our life. We need to understand why we need that condition. To get the real Mr. Right, we must be the Mrs. Right for the Mr. Right. Mr. Right doesn't exist for Mrs. Wrong. There is no love relationship fulfilled with happiness if Mrs. Wrong married to Mr. Right or otherwise.

Mostly, girls want a positive guy to be a partner. In their opinion, a positive guy will help them to be a positive and better person. But, the fact is finding the right man is not going to change anything if it's not from their actions. The worst, the positive guy is not found because of our negativity such as self-centered, lazy, boring, and one-dimensional behavior. Accordingly, we must create a positive version of ourselves first to get the real positive man to be our spouse.

The first step to being positive is from our thoughts and feelings. The good feeling to ourselves will help us to be more confidence in daily life. Confidence in ourselves has always created a desire to upgrade ourselves. Upgrading self-value is must be one of the girl's life goals besides has an ideal man.

However, most important to success being Mrs. Right is we must be happy to ourselves first. Learn to be happy inside. No matter great we increase self-value, without the right thoughts and right feelings, we will never feel happy with no matter man you will be with.

Be a happier Mrs. Right with the right thoughts and good feelings, will make we enjoy our own space in life. Automatically, we will kind to everyone around us. By having a good feeling to ourselves, we will respect ourselves and be who we are.

What is the relationship between improving ourselves with finding Mr. Right?

As we understand, Mr. Right is a quality man. He has a great attitude, an intellectually challenging, good mentality, and kindhearted. Thus, as a girl, we must have that kind of qualities too. Depends on the standards and priorities of value that we want. Although we haven’t found the right man yet, at least we are the best version for ourselves.

To achieve the mission of becoming Mrs. Right for Mr. Right, we must know and understand what men want in women too. Normally, qualities men are searching girls that hold a similar value as them. They're often searching the kindhearted, understanding, empathetic, friendly, affectionate, and family-oriented woman. They also want the women with intellectually challenging, ambitious, consistent, and the important is willing to put in the effort for them.

Because of that, we must upgrade ourselves in many aspects. We must learn to have the right attitude. Learn how to be interesting and have an attractive personality. We also can learn new things such as cook new recipes, play new games, or join a new course. Much less, we should complete our course until we are expert and pursue our ambition with passions. We should be inspire to other women because the future husband will be proud to have us as his wife soon.

Don't have an idea of how to self-upgrade? We can learn so many things with anything. For example, reading books like self-help, motivations, business, and financial genre to improve our knowledge. We also can try new online business. Learn to have a good diet and healthy lifestyle. Upgrading ourselves in many areas makes our qualities improve. As a result, that will attract qualities men that have similar standards and levels to us.

An ancient policy, the princess must wait for the prince. Nowadays, that is irrelevant practical to find the right man. Because of that, girls must seek him out. Don't wait for him. We must leave the house and do outdoor activities and learn makes new friends. The romantic relationship can be started by friendship though.

Doing the observations is doesn't mean you are spying specific people or start flirting to anyone. That's inappropriate. Observe the guy around us that might be our Mr. Right. He might be at the workplace or in social media.

Despite that, we must know what type of man we want to be our Mr. Right first. Setting some standards before doing the observation because you will do random observation without knowing what you want. We will waste the value of time.

The standards are various such as maturity, financial stability, life goals, hobbies, and priorities.

One of the strategies for meeting Mr. Right is in the right places. Imagine that, we don't like the alcoholic guy. Then, why we searching right guy in the night club? Of course, we will found Mr. Wrong. If we want a businessman, so we should find him at the business event. If we want the religious man, so we must find him in the place of religion.

However, the reason we go to the places is our own interested in the event and those things. No man wants a woman who pretends interested in the same objective to approach them. They only attracted to genuine characters and real stand.

If we want the hardworking guy, we should seek him at the relevant places. In the morning, they might be dropping by at coffee shops and buy a coffee to start their morning routine. Oh yes, in these cases, we should frequent to go to coffee shops. We also must be friendly and talk to anyone in the coffee shop to make new friends.

Another good idea if we want the guy who loves reading and study, we can find him in the public library. Of course, we will enjoy our time together with bookworm guy if we are also a book lover. Who knows he might be our future husband, right? Pssst...some people said nerd guys are very good in loyal aspect. The reason for that statement is because they have high emotional intelligence level. They love reading and learning.

Whatever the kind of guy we are looking for, we must analyze what place they love to spend their time.

Dress well is also important. This tip cannot be ignored. Clothes and grooming is our first impression of other people. We want or not, people will see us base on what we wear. People will look at our dress. After all, everyone loves to see someone who looks beautiful and tidy. Of course, including the guy might be our Mr. Right. So, if we still lack the grooming knowledge, we must learn and improve how we dress daily.

Don't you know, dress well can influent your mood? By chance, we want to communicate with people around us, makes new friends, and finding the right man. So, we must have a good mood. Without a good mood, it must be difficult to speak clear and gentle, smile, and make sense of humor. Imagine when we are lazy. We don't want to have a chit-chat, laugh, smile, and the worst is we don't have a mood to do anything.

Depends on the event and occasions that we attend. We must wear a suitable dress. So, we don't look awkward and seem excessive. Because we spend so much time in the workplace, It's not wrong if we buy a lot on workwear collection.

Our clothing impacts how we think and our personality. It helps us to highlight our personality. Dressing smart is also important to boost our confidence and sense of self-empowerment. It might be seen by someone who likes us. We probably approach by the guy that holds similar value like us.

We should learn the personal grooming and dress code to impress everyone we meet. Especially in the workplace. Much less, we don’t look sloppy. Maybe people asking why should we do the grooming? The answer is simple. We look presentable, confident, and professional. It can make a positive statement before we start to talk to someone. Who knows if the right guy is in the same building, right? Old people always telling us, our another half might be nearby.

Here some simple tips. The surprising things guys love about what girls wear.
Wear belted dresses and jumpsuit. That belt will be featuring a waist shape. A girl will look beautiful.
Classic black dress is also attracted and good choice.
Skinny jeans with high heels or knee-high boots. Wear it with sneaker are also cute.
Guy also like a girl wear glasses because they look so cute and nerd.
However, please don't forget to respect ourselves. Don't wear too sexy clothes to make the guys notice you. This might be a probability to attract pervert guy.

Talking about clothing and grooming is mostly about appearance. Now, we will discuss our internal. That is personality. Have an attractive personality also play a role to attract the right man. To be a quality woman, we must have the packaged includes good appearance and personality.

Having an attractive personality is a powerful ability for making others more drawn to us. This is one of the keys to making friends and having a lasting relationship. At the same time, it will lead to good relationships between the friend's family and us. As a result, we will found our Mr. Right as soon as possible. Because quality guy loves their woman is a friendly, sociable, and family-oriented.

Then, how to have an attractive personality? First, we must communicate clearly, frequently, and naturally. Good communication is not always we are talking to someone. But, we also must be a good listener. We must listen to others. Pay attention to what the other person is saying. Show them you are listening and interested by commenting on the story or asking the questions. Other than that, good communication includes to speak sincerely and help others communicate. We must be honest to people but make sure it is polite. For example, if we don't like our friend's hairstyle and they ask about it, we respond with, "I like your hairstyle before." rather than, "I hate your hair, it's ugly." Because it's rude.

Second, we must be having a humor sense. As we discuss before, qualities men want the type of women that have funny personality. The third is exuding confidence. We should have confidence in how we speak and act. We also must have confidence in our body, dressing appropriately, and having a good posture. However, make sure we know the difference between confidence and cockiness.

Nowadays, making new friends through the internet is not something odd. In fact, there are married couple get acquainted via the internet. This is because the internet is very easy to access today. We also can access the internet through a smartphone.

We can create a social media account without difficulty. The popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter give us a chance to find our Mr. Right. We can start with a simple chat such as introduce ourselves. If they interested in us, the conversation will continue for a long time. The social media friendship also can lead to real friendship.

Besides, the internet also provides the dating site. Sometimes, we should be open to matchmaker services because they know so many people looking for a life partner. Why don't we try?

Sometimes, we don't found our right partner is not because he is not the right person. Maybe we are the root of the problem. Is our attitude right for the current time? Are we treat people right? Are we live in real-time or still in the past?

No man can love a woman that still can't move on with the past love relationship. Because it seems wasting time. Every love story is better if we love each other and put in the effort for each other. Unable to forget ex-lover will bring heartbreaking situation. We will blind and can't detect the right guy.

Moreover, we need to forgive ourselves on what we have done wrong in the past relationship. It is impossible to correct something we did. Don't let our past mistake blocking our courage and self-esteem. We must move on and create a new and better life. As a human, it's normal if we made mistakes because we are a learner. Perfection doesn't exist. All we can are only take lessons and a chance to change. We don't have to be doomed to be a failure. We can change to be a better version and grow.

Besides, don't forget to forgive people that have hurt our heart and betrayed us. More we hold the pains, more we will holding onto anger. Forgiveness isn't about to let go of the enemies walk free with their wrongdoing but it's about finally we are walk free and continue our journey to the new phase of our life. Our future are waiting for us.

Let the past go is an obligation. Motivate ourselves and rise again. Because the key of freedom to be who we are is right now and right here. Sometimes, to have a new relationship is we must open our heart to new people and try again. The failed relationship has taught us about ourselves and how to know which guy deserves our affection.

Don't you ever hear the statement that our friends and family know us better than ourselves? Sometimes, we don't see our potential and talent. But people keep telling us about it. Likewise, our attitude and behavior that we don't realize that might be rude or bad.

Thus, there is a probability our family and friends might know what type of guy match with us. They must have a good friend might be better to be our partner. Oh yes, this way might be the old style. New generations maybe don't like their family or friends help them in a love relationship. Don't feel ashamed or like you failed. Other than the internet, there are couples meet through friends and family too.

Good friends and family members will want to see the person they love to be happy. In fact, they will enjoy the good feeling of helping other people find happiness. Just make sure our friends and family members are leading us to a good man. Because good people associate with good people. If our friends obvious not leading us to good people, clearly we need new friends too.

To make sure he is a good man and match with us, we must check his background and his priorities. By doing this, we can find out his true attitude and behavior. How to do a background check on him? We can ask him to bring us to see his parents. If he considers us is her girlfriend and a special person, he will agree to bring us to see his parents. In a serious relationship, we don't require a long time to get to know both parents.

Finding a boyfriend is hard enough, but finding a precise guy that match the taste is even harder. On the surface, he might look like the perfect guy, but we have no idea what is hiding below. If he doesn't want to bring us to see his parents, that might be the indication of Mr. Wrong.

We also can check how he introduced us to his family and friends. If he doesn't say we are his girlfriend, so he maybe doesn't create a serious relationship.

Other than that, we may be able to find out some key information without him knowing. We can try to search for his information through the internet. Try to search his name on the browser. We also can check his social media. By doing that, we can check what exactly he posted.

If we know his friends, we can be their friends too. Frequently talk to his friends can be opened up about our new boyfriend. They might be telling us about him. If he is okay to bring us to see his parents, take a chance to talk about him with them. They must know their son better.

Why must check his background? Because we deserve to marry a good guy that willing to take the commitment of a relationship. Mr. Right is a guy who works hard to implement his responsibility. We are unjustified to exterminate our life with the reckless to marry Mr. Wrong.

Do we also wonder why we must meet our partner's parents? Other than checking on a good relationship between our boyfriend and his parents, the research of psychology believes having family validate and encourage our relationship helps the health and stability of the relationship.

Thus, the summary to earn positive and good things in our life is starting from ourselves. It's included to get a positive person and to have a good relationship. We must start to take action by improving ourselves first. Quality people will usually be surrounded by quality people. An effort to find a good partner is included appearance and personality. We also can't skip the idea that relationship with parents helps the quality of a romantic relationship because quality guys are always created by the quality family.

That's all the rules and the tips of how and where to get Mr. Right. Did you tried all of the tips above? Do you have any additional tips? Please share your tips on the comment section below.

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