Good Bye 2010s

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Hello Everyone,

Oh my god! It's been a year I don't write anything for "Silly Wonk Speaks".  This blog also not celebrate with book review posts either for nine months. I think, my creator having difficulties situations. She still bought books, reading, writing articles for Zalora Threads Magazine, and drawing. But it's very few quantities.

She deactivated her facebook account and almost close all her Instagram accounts. Her strength is upside down. Sometimes, she climbed the mountain. In halfway of climbing, she looked back then she went down to the foot of the mountain. Again and again. It's Repeated. Over and over again. It seems never-ending.

The situation started when her head has so many bubbles. The bubbles made her days very cloud. When the cloud condition came she can't focus on her work included her favorite activities. The sun dissapeared. The light faded.

The optimistic attitude she has is faded together with her passion for things she loves to do. It continues for almost six months. She felt so many emotions at the same time. She felt trapped in her own emotions.

She tried to avoid the emotions by made distractions such as slept a lot, watched the movies, sketched the crazy things, and played a video game. But it's well just for temporary. The mood swing keeps turn around like a tornado. That's very mentally painful, I guess.

Actually, that's not her first-time. That's coming back after a very long time. However, in November she has a lot of improvement. Yah! She has never felt better. May all the positive frequencies will circumstances her true-self. May god blessed her on everything she loves to do next.

So, 2019 is the end of 2010's decade. Let's say goodbye to this decade and left every bitter moment behind us. Never looked back. Never in a thousand years to recapture that. Let's wish all of us to get all the happiness, fantastic moments, amazing experiences and great opportunities in 2020 and forward.

To all my book dragon friends, keep diving into the books ocean in every wonderland. Keep enjoying the infinity words journey of your favorite fandom. Keep going on your passion and don't forget to be the best version of yourself for yourself.

See yah!


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