Her Dream Come True And How About Me?

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Hello everyone,

Last week, my creator had an enthusiastic moment. She got an e-mail sound like this, "Collaboration Opportunities." At that time, she just awoke from her bed. She grabbed her smartphone on top of her bed. She has seen the notification from her Gmail apps. The moment she reading the mail is unbelievable. Because she waits for that moment for a long time. She really wants this kind of opportunity. It's already a year and three months of waiting.

However, she actually shocked and stunt got that e-mail because she thought that she still doesn't deserve the opportunities from any distributor companies yet. Her Bookstagram looks a bit bland because of the very new in this area (Book sharing and book review). Regarding her Silly Wonk Book Blog (SWBB), she also felt the content are not really good enough. However, she now on her work hard to build the best performance for SWBB. She realized that she is very lucky and blessed. She loves books and readings so much. She just needs to increase her hard work on everything she loves to do.

She doesn't know how to thanks the company that sent her the e-mail but she really appreciated it! I know that she will create a special time for her books.

So, her dream came true. How about me my creator? Hhahahaha... I want to know my own status now. Am I going to be like this forever? I have an idea... How if you creating a mini-comic for telling people my story in your mind? Um.

See yah!


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