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I Change by Dr.Muruga

Honestly, I took more than 2 weeks to finished my reading on this book. I read this book in August 2018. But I'm mentally breakdown for 6 months in 2019 (personal matter). So, I don't have the perfect mood for my writing in the SWBB (Silly Wonk Book Blog). After all, this blog dedicated to writing in English. It may cause stress on me at that time. So, I postponed my review writing on this book.

Released : 2012
Genre : Non-Fiction / Self-Help
Publisher : Wheatmark
Size : 14.8x21cm
Format : Paperback
Language : English

Alhamdulillah, I'm felt never better now. I'm super excited to continue my work on SWBB again. So, this is my review about this book on my SWBB. 6 years ago (7th December 2012), I bought this book in Harris Bookstore. It's located at 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I selected this book because of the author's writing style. He never uses complicated vocabulary. So, it's easy for me to read it as a beginner. Back then ( In 2012), I can't finish this book because of my weakness in the English language.  So, I've to postpone it again until I did finish this book last year.
Thank god! I got the victory a lot. I'm glad to know all the messages in the book because it's very motivating to be a better person.

The I Change is written by Dr. Muruga. The best-selling author of The Easy UC Way. It is the motivation book or self-help genre. It's known as the self-improvement book category too.
The book is teaching the reader how to have true happiness by changing ourselves to be a better person. The book telling the reader that we should accept the truth that all the reason we unhappy with life is our own responsibilities.

The thickness of the book is less than one centimeter. Even tho the book is not thick, the content still packed with great pieces of information. The book has no illustration. Obviously, suitable for adults. The author; Dr. Muruga is the best selling author, as well as a management and performance consultant, trainer, and coach based in Malaysia. The principal consultant of Creative Beings Consultancy, he shares his ideas of empowering individuals in his second book, I change, which he believes can transform people, organizations, and countries.

The book cover is simple and used a bright and attractive color; red. The title has an eye captured. It's a bold and big font. The book has eight chapters as below:

  1. Why "I Change"?
  2. Chinese Parable: Mei Lin's Story
  3. Acting Above the line
  4. Reflections for "I Change"
  5. What Is It That I Have to "I Change"
  6. "I Change" in the Workplace
  7. AABB at Home and in Personal Roles
  8. When Elephants Run

The topic in the book very neatly arranged. So, the reader very easy to adapt to the message. Readers also can follow step by step to change towards goodness. It's compile with examples and interesting stories.

The book included the test for the reader knows how far they need to change themself. Some people don't realize which area they need to change. So, Dr. Muruga put some test to reveal the roots of the problem in life that makes people unhappy.

The stories in the book are based on a real story from an author's clients. Through the stories, the reader can learn and understand why humans don't happy with their lives such as in the workplace, career, partner, situations, and so on.

An example, Mei Lin's story is about Mei Lin's failure in trying to impress her mother-in-law on page seven (7). Nina who caught her husband, Rashid, cheating on her on page thirty-four (34). And Jason who felt unappreciated and unhappy in his organization on page thirty-seven (37).

The book is related to almost everything in life. In a relationship (wife and husband, worker and the boss, etc), parenthood (Daughters and sons), teenager's behavior, business, and personal life.
A lot of books will tell you how to transform your life as you want. But, rarely to explain why your effort to change or upgrade your life failed. Maybe you already living a good life but still unhappy. Why? The I Change explains in detail the cause its happened to so many people.

Other than that, in chapter four, page twenty-five (25), Dr. Muruga put a beautiful poem that makes the reader can deeply understand the process of the I Change.

There a lot of transformation guidance in the book by Dr. Muruga. It is very useful for everyone who wants their life to gain a lot of happiness and successful results.

1. Indeed, most people want to change themself to be the best. Especially for themself. To be the best means we need new behavior; the good ones to help us achieve what we want. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that they are only at the second level of an effort to change. It's pathetic when they start to stop chasing the result of the best transformation.

The book has stated that, don't give up and keep going on your passion and your dreams until you at the third level.
"Knowing what to do is just the first level. Doing it in a sustained manner is the second level, and last but most importantly, it is the third level; getting the desired results effectively." - Page viii
2. People believe they are unhappy because of the people around them. Or the situation. Or other people's behavior and actions. People generally expect others to change first. People do forget the best thing is "I Change first".
"This book is about you changing first, and then others changing around you. There is no other way." - Page ix
3. Stop acting below the line (Complaints, blame, excuses, and justification). Start acting above the line (Responsibility and Accountability.

"Acting above the line" on page eight-teen (18) is something that an author learned from a seminar he attended. If you want to know more about it, you need to read the book on your own.

Honest, the I Change obviously slap my face a lot. The truth that I need to face considerably rip my ego. However, I positively allow my awareness to change my bad behavior. The book makes an enthusiastic circumstance that convinces me to forget my ego behind.

After I reached on page VI in the book, I was stunned about the transformation level facts. I realize that I know what to do in changing my behavior to the better ones. But, I forgot about the importance level of the changing process. That is getting the desired results effectively.

To get at the third level is not an easy thing. Especially to maintain the motivation and discipline that I need to commit. I was confused because I don't know how to keep myself always motivated by my passion and my mission when the situation makes me down.

I started to wonder about how to handle the situation that makes people down. Because we need to keep obedient to our discipline of new behavior. In my opinion, feeling down and disappointed is not a helpful feeling to keep us always in a good mood. Unfortunately, we can't run from that situation in life.

So, I kept reading the I Change. I'm eager to know how to handle that kind of situation. Because in the past I have a little bad experience in my workplace. The story of Jason on page thirty-seven is a little bit the same as mine. I'm happy at first but after four years of working, I felt unappreciated and unhappy in that company.

As the book explains, people want to change and upgrade themselves. Yes, me too. Back then, I was doing all my best and I felt useless when I haven't got a salary increment and a big bonus. I blamed my boss for that. I thought my boss is not good enough. I immediately unhappy and resigned for another job.

The manager disbelief that I did that. She tried to investigate what was going on but I definitely left her and the company. After reading the book, I have realized that I became weaker by depending on others for happiness and survival in the company. I depend on my manager and my colleagues to be happy. The consequence, I'm not surviving. I also don't have the desire to challenge myself to be the best employee in the company though I have good opportunities at that time.

On page fifty-six in the book, Dr. Muruga explains the causes of my situation is I felt unappreciated and I misunderstood due to needing external appreciation. Based on the page, I need to build my self-esteem and self-belief.

That will change me from the situation of requiring external expression and appreciation. Then, becoming the true self and have an internal appreciation. Besides that, I must filter my belief system either. The manager also a human. She only doing her job; it's not personal. She is also a person that might have her own problems and makes mistakes.

I also learned about non-verbal communication and the AABB concept thru the I Change. AABB is Acceptance (Problem and situation - the challenge to change), Awareness (Sense the unwritten and unsaid), Belief System (Belief filters), and Behavior (Stay committed to new behavior). You have to read the whole book to understand AABB.

After I understand the AABB, I feel more motivated for my target in my life. However, I have to often read the book. To keep reminding me the concept of the I Change. I have applied the AABB in my personal roles and I got a better result for my marriage life. Despite that, I still need improvement in other areas such as in my reading and writing.

I love the contents of this book very much. It helps people to manage life better. What the message that I love the most in the book is the I Change process warning from Dr.Muruga. I'm targeting to buy his another book (first book) titled The Easy UC Way in 2020. I hope I'll found that book.

In conclusion, the book is highly recommended to read by everyone; workers, bosses, students, married couples, parents, entrepreneurs, and the person who wants to have true happiness in life.

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