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Saying Goodbye to Tuesday by Chrisse Manby

When I saw a dog in front of the book, I immediately knew the story is about a dog. I almost rejected the book. It's not because of the dog but I'm kind of an emotional maniac when reading an animal story especially since the animal can talk and can tell their emotion thru their facial expression. But truly I love animals, especially cats, dogs, and birds.

My husband said, "Why don't you give it a try". I'm thinking twice because I still remember how I cried watching the movie The Rise of The Planet of the Apes. My emotion is like a tsunami when I saw Ceaser draw the window in the cage because he really misses home. Real home. I still can feel the sadness while writing this.

Released : 09 September 2021
Genre : Fiction/Romance Novel/Contemporary Romance
Publisher : Hodder
Size : 12.8 x 19.6 cm
Format : Paperback
Languange : English

After long thinking, I tried to read the synopsis behind the book. So, the dog in front of the cover has a name. His name is Stupendo. "Nice name", I said in my mind. Then, I was startled and stopped reading after I read the second paragraph. It says, "Stupendo doesn't know why Tuesday is suddenly ignoring him..."

Well, honestly I don't like the story about human ignoring their pet. Intentionally or not, I still don't like it. It's a heartbroken story. NO!

Then, I continued reading the synopsis. In the third paragraph of the synopsis, I started to understand. Stupendo is a ghost! So, the dog is a ghost. I decided to try this book. I want to read it and I'm glad I chose and read this book. Stupendo actually reminds me of 'my dog'.

As I mentioned above, It's about a dog. But it's an extraordinary dog. The special one. Stupendo became a ghost. The book is a very beautiful love story about the dog-human relationship. I thought Tuesday is a day. You know? The Tuesday "Tuesday". Tuesday is the day of the week between Monday and Wednesday based on Wikipedia. Haha.

Apparently, Tuesday is Stupendo's owner. It's the name of the woman. Also, the story involves the others character from the neighborhood, such as Andrew. Andrew is a blind man in this book. Stupendo also has a friend (or a lover?) named, Zena, and Andrew is Zena's owner. Dogs are unique creatures. They can be best friends like Stupendo, Tuesday, and William. Tuesday has a son, his name is William.

In the story from chapter one until chapter five, the feeling of empathy for Stupendo is still at a high level. 

"Now here I was, stuck outside in the dark on my own, with Tuesday and William not even knowing I was still close by. I began to cry." - Chapter 5, page 29.

The storytelling is the first point of view type with flashback story alternately with the present story. The present story is about Stupendo searching for a clue for the reason he became a ghost. While the flashback is about Stupendo's beautiful memory with Tuesday.

This book has forty-six chapters with an epilogue and 342 pages. Chrissie Manby wrote the plot amazingly! She is brilliant! Chrissie Manby is the author of seventeen romantic comedies. No wonder she knows how to make the readers laugh reading about Stupendo's feelings about Zena.

If you want to relax and chill in front of the beach, this book is a good companion for you! Reading Stupendo and Caligula's behavior absolutely brings joy because they are funny! However, the book is not too thick to bring on holiday or outdoor. It's a very light book and relaxing to read while having a rest day or during the break time.

As a Muslim, I don't have a chance to have a dog as a pet without a valid reason. So, this book provides a lot of interesting knowledge and input on dog facts. It's very helping me and the readers to understand dogs.

This book also has a lot of moral messages about how to treat, train, and understand the dog. Also, to understand people who have an issue with the dog too. Indirectly, we also learned about cats too from the Caligula characters. As a cats owners, almost all of the stories about Caligula's behavior in the book make sense.

If you are a cat owner, did you ever have a problem that your cat always went to the next-door house? Or is your cat staying a lot at your neighbor's house? Then, you will be entertained reading Caligula's style in this book because the story is almost 95% the same as your cat's style.

Lots of the situation in the book brings lessons that make you think how lucky you are in almost every aspect of your life including to have your pet.

Actually, I have a lot of things to share about the greatness of this book but I need to fast right now. I have a lot of books review to share and I'm excited (because I finally 'alive'. Lols) Maybe I'll share again about Stupendo and Tuesday in another blogpost. Now, let's continue with the book rating and my thoughts and opinion.

Guys! I was tabbing the book with a color code. Pink tabs are for touching or sweet emotions. While sad is a blue. Guess what? The tabbing is 85 % with blue and pink. Yes! I cried a lot. I'm emotional. Huwarrgghh! I can't I can't. Reading about animal makes my heartbeat crazy.

As I have mentioned above, Stupendo actually reminds me of 'my dog'. Not officially my pet but the dog is neighbor's dog? Okay. I am actually not sure about the status of the dog. The dogs live in my neighbor's house area. Then, the dog has puppies. And the puppies living in their backyard. One of the puppies is different. It's white. It's also cute. I watched the puppies playing around from my kitchen window almost every day until they have grown up.

I love them. They are cute. Sometimes, I saw another neighbor give them food. I gave a name for the white one. His name was Snoopy. Snoopy will approach me every night when I back from the town. I can't tell more, recalling Snoopy makes me sad. Snoopy is actually not here anymore.

Not every neighbor like cats, the same goes for dogs. When I read about Stupendo, sometimes I imagine Snoopy also became a ghost. Haha. That's a crazy thought but it was my thought while reading this book.

Do you believe that a very young human; kids, babies, or children can see the ghost? When I gotta know Tuesday is actually a mom to the cutest son, William, I imagine William can see Stupendo. Humans naturally can't see a ghost but I wanted it to happen. I want William can see Stupendo.

Well, I was disappointed when I reached the page 13, Merle the Pipsqueak explained to Stupendo,

"Human beings aren't tuned into the different layers of the universe like we creatures are, Stupendo. They can't see sound or taste color. They can't hear the vibration of the earth or smell the feeling of the wind. They spend their lives turning from nature. Most of them don't even know there's more than one dimension." - Chapter Two, page 13.

The explanation makes Stupendo as disappointed as me for sure. 

I also keep thinking about humans who love to bully wild dogs. I also keep asking why they can't have empathy for an animal but they want the animal to respect them. Tuesday has a boyfriend name, Kenton.

Kenton is a narcissistic, manipulator, selfish, and very bad person. I hate him because he hates Stupendo. If you are a dog lover, please make sure don't fall in love with a man like Kenton. Wasted! (Am I too serious?) But, C'mon! people like Kenton is a #^%$^&* hahahahahaha!

I am honestly proud and amazed Chrissie Manby can write this book in every detail from the dog's point of view but still can feel the emotions of the characters. Chrissie also shows the proof that a dog is a very good creature if you train them well. Dogs is a good animals. Dogs can be protectors and guides to blind people like Andrew. It's a fact. In Islam, blind people actually can keep trained dogs to be their guides.

And... If I can change the story, I don't want Stupendo to become a ghost. I want him alive. Sobs. Sobs.

In conclusion? Please get and read this book! I want to hear your thoughts too. Arrggghhh... I'm sure I'll read this book again.


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