Unexpecting Benefits of Reading Psychological Thriller And Mystery Book

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Non-Fiction Fans Vs Fiction Fans

Speaking of the benefits of reading, many people always think the kind of book that has benefits is a non-fiction book. They say, the beneficial book is motivation and self-help genre like Brian Tracy's books. The business or financial book was written by Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki is more advantages. Also, the best benefit for relationship skills is a book written by John Gray. For example, Men, Women, and relationships (1990), Mars and venus starting over (1997), and Why Mars and Venus Collides (2007).

Unexpecting Benefits of Reading Psychological Thriller And Mystery Book

They are right. Nothing wrong with the opinions. Non-fiction is always a good book to teach readers the facts about how to live, how to manage, and how to do anything. But there is a huge mistake if we believe that fiction books are useless and have zero benefits.

Are you a bitter person who dares to tell people fiction books have no knowledge for feeding the human brain? Book dragons and fiction fans going to transform themself become a lion and roar with big teeth beneath their mouth when they hear you tell them that opinion. Haha.

But, there is one thing we must understand. Humans have a different opinions. The opinion is for the topics being discussed together and exchange the facts if any. Changing opinion is not for joining the war, The battle between fiction fans and non-fiction fans.

I am a reader too! I read both. Fiction and non-fiction. Both have their own benefits and advantages. My team and I were talking about these topics recently.

Let me share what is the benefits of reading non-fiction books such as psychological thrillers. For example, The Anniversary by Laura Marshall and A Narrow Door by Joanne Harris.

My friend suggested I read chapter one of The Anniversary by Laura Marshall. I was surprised because only in chapter one I'm hooked to the book. It stealing my full attention. I wanted to read more. So, that was called developing a critical mind? or Mental stimulation? Let's read the benefits of reading psychological thriller and mystery books below.

Unexpecting Benefits of Reading Psychological Thriller And Mystery Books

According to The New Yorker, “Reading has been shown to put our brains into a pleasurable trance-like state, similar to meditation, and it brings the same health benefits of deep relaxation and inner calm. Regular readers sleep better, have lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of depression than non-readers.”

Do you agree when I say reading can cause a boring feeling when the reading material is too intense? So, we will be a child who hates vegetables. We will describe the book as vegetables. We will see books as vegetables. Not something fun to eat like a chocolate bar. Haha.

Sometimes we need fiction to have fun reading to get a different benefit. When non-fiction books provide you information and tips you need in real life, fiction can give other unique benefits.

4 Benefits of Reading Psychological Thriller And Mystery Books

Dopamine Releasing

What a surprise benefit. The mystery and thriller genres have a unique allure. Engaging and hard to put down, thriller books require the reader to reckon rather than just allowing the plot to unfold. This makes the reading experience more interactive.

It is like fidget toys to release stress. Psychological thriller and mystery book is a very good genre to be the stress buster. You mentally experience the tension of the story and go through vivid psychological responses and adrenaline from reading. When the brain release dopamine, a chemical that triggers the body’s fight or flight mode. On a lighter note, the brain has a leeway to process these body stimuli minus the reality of harm. This is the reader’s constant practice to manage fear.

Provide Access to a Different Persona

Readers not only experience the character's point of view. But, the character's innermost thoughts. They dive into the character's mind in an entirely different life scenario. Fiction can help a person understand another person where you can gather a new perspective.

Psychological thriller and mystery book includes the disturbing aspects of human nature, such as violence and emotional abuse. Ranging from fears of the innocent to the viciousness of the sinister.

Activates Brain Areas and as a Mental Stimulation

You might be sitting and seems like do nothing. Do nothing physically but while you reading, you are actually working out of your body. Reading suspense fiction text serves as an effective mental workout for several parts of your brain. Fiction suspense stories can elicit powerful emotional responses. Suspense can build the basic aspects of human cognition, anticipation, and prediction.

Just like exercising can make us healthier and slimmer and beautiful in shape. The same goes for reading suspense books. It can make the brain healthier and in good condition. Puzzles and riddles in thrillers serve as mental training as you utilize your analytical aptitudes.

Developing a Critical Thinking Skill (Mind)

It is natural for human beings when we get into a story or plot that is full of questions that will make us feel dissatisfied. The plot without your questions being answered or being unable to find the truth, you will eventually start challenging yourself to figure it out.

When the plot is twisted and suspenseful, the unexpected or mind-boggling story will always result in the development of a critical mind. It's developing smart and innovative ideas among the readers.

Also, reading a thriller helps to identify behavioral patterns, determine people's motives, and brainstorm outcomes using the cause and effect theory.

In conclusion, both fiction and non-fiction have many benefits. The story about killing might be disturbing but...it's helping to develop the critical mind. I love the point of determining people's motives, don't you think it helps you to smell the manipulator people around you?


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