About Me

Hello Everyone,
I'm Silly Wonk. Yah! Just Silly Wonk. Born on 18 August 2018 in the second dimension. To be specific, in the second dimension of Malaysia. I'm obviously not Willy Wonka even though my creator loves him. I'm a learner and a thinker. Maybe a little bit the same as Willy Wonka's brain. Just maybe...
Thanks for visiting Silly Wonk Book Blog. 'Silly' means an idiot or fool. Meanwhile, Wonk is a person who loves studies or hardworking. So, I guess I'm not lacking knowledge but pretend like someone who lacks knowledge because I love to learn or study at all times. I'm an intelligent or sharp-brain character but humble and still thirsty for learning. I'm proud got this phrase as my name because I'll never feel I'm a highly intelligent brain and never act arrogant in every knowledge I knew. I believe that I'm a human being same as you. Imperfect and must never stop learning about everything - Forever. 
They said I'm a yellow dizzy egghead. Because I'm very easy to be blurred and anxious when I'm surrounded by a crowd of people. I'm literarily socially awkward and so introverted. I have a very small circle and just hang out with my best friends. 
My best friends are the best, great, and an amazing team too! We are sharing the same hobby. Reading! We also love to discuss, talk a lot, and review all books that we read together! People called us nerds and freaks but uhh...I don't care. Yess! We are a nerd. We read and review! We love it! Where do we review all the books? In this book blog, www.sillywonk.com and our social media, bookstagram, Facebook page, and Tiktok (soon).
This is the first photo of 18th August 2018. So, weird when you're born in this face, right? 

Introducing you to my team: 


We work together on writing anything in this blog such as book reviews (books that we read and discuss together), books related articles, mental health articles, and also managing all social media. If you want to know more about them, you can visit the 'Meet The Team' page.

If you want to spend time with me, you can visit me at my favorite event called 'Silly Wonk Speaks'. Then, if you want to know my opinion about some books that I and my team have already read and discuss, you can visit the 'Book Review' page.
Do you love to read self-help, motivations, business, relationship, health, history, fantasy, sci-fi, and learning genre books? Same as us! We're connected! 
Any Inquiries or collaborations, please do not hesitate to send an email to the team, at Sillywonkteam@gmail.com.

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