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Sofie Luthor or Sofinah Lamudin is the founder of Silly Wonk Book Blog (SWBB) in 2018, exclusively for sharing anything related to books and book reviews. She loves to read since she was very young. Started with a kid's book while she was in primary school.

When she was in secondary school, she love to stay in the public library to read. She was also a librarian when she was in form 6 (Pre-university in SMK.Lajau, WP.Labuan, Malaysia). 

She got inspired by Amazing Distance Book Blogger, Fatina to start her own Book Blog and Bookstagram of Sillywonk. Fatina is an amazing, consistent, committed, and genuinely book lover. Sofie Luthor loves to read and collect favorite books but reviewing a book is actually new for her and she still learning about it.

She is a full-time lifestyle blogger since 2017 and a ghostwriter since early 2022. She started joining the blogging world when she was 16. In 2011, her lifestyle blog rebooted as a Sofinahlamudin-dot-Blogspot-dot-com and officially has a domain Sofinahlamudin-dot-com.

She now is also a part-time Forex Trader and loves to analyze a British Pound/US Dollar.

Early 2022, Sofie Luthor decided to revamp SWBB and Silly Wonk Bookstagram. She operates the blog and bookstagram with Silly Wonk Team started in June 2022 and will focus on collaboration with Definitely Books.

However, Sofie Luthor is still one of the book reviewer team as well.


Nazz Luthor or Mohd Nasyit is a husband to Sofie Luthor, decided to join the Silly Wonk Team. He was appointed as the CEO of Silly Wonk Brand by the Silly Wonk Team thru a Zoom meeting since he will manage some operations of the Silly Wonk Brand (SWB).

Nasyit, known as Nazz in Forex Community is a Forex Trader since 2007. Also, a Forex / Financial Blogger. He is now active in writing at Pullbackforextrading dot com.

He loves to visit bookstores in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah such as Popular and Times. Also, love to buy books online. He usually loves to read the business and motivation genre. Now, his new favorite is English novels after trying to read The Anniversary by Laura Marshall and Billy Summers by Stephen King which were sent by Definitely Books for Sofie Luthor.

-Quick Question- 

Quick Question: Do you wonder who is actually Silly Wonk and The Gang? We are so sorry to SWBB visitors. We strictly can not tell who are they behind the egg characters. They decided to stay anonymous. Worries not! They are very nice alien people! Please continue to read their story as cute eggs in SWBB and Bookstagram. Okay!


Silly Wonk is a Dizzy Yellow Egghead. Born on 18 August 2018 in the second dimension of a Southeast Asian country located in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth (Malaysia). In the second dimension, Silly Wonk is only 4 years old. But on the earth, he is 39 years old. He is a male obviously.

He was found in a Labuan Public Library. Hiding in a fantasy book that picks by Sofie.

Sofie immediately built the blog in conjunction with the name of Silly Wonk on that day because they are very 'click' and have a 'chemistry'. Coincidentally, at that time sofie was looking for a domain name idea for a book blog she was going to create.

Since June, Silly Wonk is the manager and content researcher of the Silly Wonk Team. He is a leader to other Eggheads that he brought from his origin, in the second dimension. They are Shobee, Elliot, and Batboy. He might be recruiting more eggheads to join the team in the future.

However, he is also one of the writers on the blog. He writes about his personal life in his origin, the second dimension, and more "Story Telling" types.


Shobee is an orange color egghead. In SWB, he is a Sales Marketer and he is very expert in selling. He is the product-related content writer in SWBB.

He is the older brother of Silly Wonk. 6 years old in the second dimension. 54 years old on the earth. In the team, Shobee is known as "Uncle Shobee". 

Silly Wonk brought him to the earth in 2020 after he back to the second dimension because of the crisis in his place. He is a very big egghead than the others in his original form. But, they can be any size on the earth. Miracles!

He loves to read non-fiction books such as Historical, Memoir, Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality, and Psychology.


Elliot is a pink egghead. Silly Wonk Team called her "Pinkish" because she is very shy and always blushes. She is the prettiest egghead that Sofie and Nazz ever saw for now. She is the same age as Silly Wonk and she is Silly Wonk's girlfriend. She knows Silly Wonk in the park around 2019.

She is a Graphic Designer for Silly Wonk Book Blog and Social Media. She is also the person in charge of photo editing and theme and the Bitmoji account holder.

She is the one who contributes the articles related to the book in the blog. She is a romance book lover besides fantasy and a young adult.


Batboy is Nazz's favorite team all the time. They are always working together but Batboy is always clumsy. Nazz called him "Bobot" because he accidentally created an email for working purposes as "". He very easily submits work with so many typo errors.

He is very younger in Silly Wonk Team. He is 1 year old in the second dimension and just 9 years old on the earth. At first, Sofie didn't want Bobot to join the Team but Bobot is very expertise in SEO and Socmed.

Bobot has a personal blog. His blog's name is "Batboy is not a Badboy". Kind of hilarious because he actually wrong typing his own name as "Badboy" when Elliot asked the name he want to put on his business card.

Batboy also is an artist for SWB since he really loves to draw. He is also the person in charge of drawing for Mental Health Awareness for Silly Wonk Bookstagram.


Psst! Do you wanna be one of the team? Please don't hesitate to contact our official email:

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